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Anti-Fur Protesters stop Fashion Show

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LOL!! I didn't see much fur on her either, Wheeler...in fact, I didn't see much on her at all wink.gif!


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever!

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I am anti fur for the sake of vanity. To kill animals only for their pelt is wrong, in my opinion. However, when i lived in Arctic Alaska, I bought a handmade, fox fur hat. The hat has fur on the inside, covering the ears and the top of the head, with a ruff around the face and eyes to protect from ice. The hat is NOT made for vanity, but for survival. The outside of the hat is made of suede, and has a fox tail hanging from the back of the hat. The Eskimo's use every bit of an animal they harvest, and give thanks to the animal for giving it's life so that they may survive. That hat was the only thing that would keep me warm in that severe climate, and the rest of animal was harvested for other uses. I would not buy a mink coat to wear in mild Utah winters though, simply as a fashion statement.

I ADORE animals, and back my love for them with $ donations to several worthy groups. They deserve our respect and protection, and should only be harvested for USE, not sport, nor vanity.

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