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Motherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...we've roped another one!!!!!!


You wouldn't happen to know anything about emergency refrigeration now, would ya dear Pixie, old pal old friend, my bestest friend in the whole entire post?





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Good morning all! Been off line a few days so here I am when I should be cleaning house and catching up on laundry. Started out looking for the Dr. or Nurse in Canada?? link on mask. I know I read something here last week about the different kinds of mask and the minimum standards. Now I can’t find it. Please, everyone, keep working on the preparation manual! Mothers 11/05 outline and all the other ideas are wonderful. The idea of writing an “All Hazard” plan is good. Whatever the emergency we would have the same needs just different levels. I know I’m new here and not update on everything that’s been done but would be willing to help in a small way if needed and as time allows. If you don’t mind a newbie’s comments, here is my “cut and paste” plan so far, using some of the information all of you have been so kind to share.


Chapter 1: Basic Plan

- Assumptions, Hazards, Risk Analysis

(this is where I’ll put the possible scenarios. Many will be the same for all but

some can vary on where you live. Thankfully I’m not next to a nuclear plant

or chemical factory but tornados & ice storms have been a problem in past.)

Chapter 2: Water

- (This is where I’ll put all the info on storage, amounts, chlorinization etc.)

Whatever the emergency we’ll need water!

Chapter 3: Food

- (This is where I’ll put amounts, rotating, cooking, plans, recipes, emergency refrigeration etc.)

Chapter 4: Shelter

- Clothing, heat, cooling, light, evacuation and so on.

Chapter 5: Medical

- Everything I can get on kits, First Aid, herbs, masks, sick rooms etc

Chapter 6: Financial

- How much cash/demo nations, copies of insurance policies, birth certificates,


Chapter 7: Communication

- Again, everything I can. Phones, battery radios, identify what neighbors have CB radios, etc. Basically how do I get and send information. Copies of phone numbers. My old brain can’t remember them and in time of emergency I’m sure I won’t!

Chapter 8: Sanitation/Personal Hygiene

- Have info somewhere on how to modify 5 gallon bucket for toilets. Since we

live in the woods will probably just fertilize the trees…. But then guess

still need to give this some thought for those too sick to go outside. And don’t

forget Kotex makes great bandages. Most EMS people carry them on their


Chapter 9: Security/Safety/Special Needs

- Self defense, Death, burial, best place to go in house for tornado? Maybe this

is where the duct tape and plastic for windows go? Worst case scenario…

Chapter 10: Long Term Survial

- gardening, seeds, hunting, home butchering, so forth


Perhaps this is too simplistic, and won’t cover everything, but I know if I make it too complicated I’ll never get done. This way maybe I can handle 10 chapters?? Have a thick 3 ring binder on hand with divider tabs to sort it all out. Maybe make a separate page for each topic and put it in the appropriate chapter with a summary check off list to use as I gather up items? There are several good websites with charts that can be modified. Anyway, thanks for listening as it’s helped me put my thoughts in order and try to at least get started until I can replace it with the MrsS Plan.


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Hi Granny, glad to see you here AND to hear your ideas. I'm hoping that we can get the manual in gear soon as we figure out how we are going to do all this and more info starts coming in. I liked your general outline,it's much like the Mrs. S one and perhaps you will be able to just copy the stuff from our manual to yours and put it in the appropriate place too.


I'm looking forward to more of your posts.





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