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*i'm on a roll here...*


What's with this * BLESS YOU * stuff Mother is spewing these days...


I tried to look up * BLESS YOU * in Webster's dictionary to see what she's up to, cause personally I believe she's being sneaky...


"bless you lola..bless you juanita...bless you jose...bless you ricardo...bless you bless you bless you..."


Now, I dunno about YOU, but if SHE thinks that *blessing me* is gonna make me do more work, she's got another thing comming!






Did you see poor little 'ole pixie in that post, wanting to be blessed too, and offering her services to help?







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I was just trying to be SAINTLY. ( would *I* try to be sneaky???) I TOLD you I couldn't keep that darn


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*darlene walks up to wickie and puts her arm around her shoulders...*


Now wickie, listen to me...


Mother has moments when, oh how shall we say ths...ummmmmmmm....she's, welllllllllllllllllllllllll...she just has those *delerious* moments...


We just continue to love her through those *moments*...


Besides, EVERYone knows *I* am innocent!



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Yeah, fallen angels perhaps.....it will be interesting seeing how these characters play out on the world stage.


Funny thing is I just googled "pictures of angels with halos" and I got this! It looks like a conspiracy site of some sort.


Considering my temperature is near 101 I think I'll pass on reading more.....everything seems bad enough.

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