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Thanks Suzyq. I'll check it out and see if we can utilize it without running into copyrite problems. And if there are, perhaps we can rewrite it some

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Oh wow, Suzyq, this calculator was NOT what I thought it was. It is great. I not only plugged in my own stats but my DD's too. That's a LOT of food to store. Makes me realize that I'm NOT ready. I definitely believe that we should put a link to this in a section of the manual called something like "Links"

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I printed it out with 1 adult and am going to print it out for 1 child. You could use those amounts in the manual and tell them to simply multiply by the number of people that age (if there is a problem with using the post or for people who don't have internet service).

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That's a great idea PhatKat. It's sort of daunting to think that a person would need that much stored but when I started to break it down into what uses there were for each thing I actually felt it was a good amount.



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