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Many of us here feel pressure to get things done.. We feel that BF is bearing down hard on us.. What can we do to help Rox , Mother and Jo get things moving with this manual? I don't want to step on any toes.. Are we making this too hard on ourselves? Do we need to make it more simple and basic? I don't know.. Maybe I have spoken out of turn.. I just can't wait to get this done and feel we made an accomplishment..

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I'm new here, so I'll ask first: Are there certain threads you would recommend printing out? Not just for BF, but for all disasters in general. I feel the clock is ticking also, but just can't seem to get motivated to do prepping along with the 8 zillion other things that I need to do.

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Hi Moldy, you might want to hop over to the Are You Really Ready forum and look over some of those back posts there. There is so much information there that it's well worth the read. Once you've done some reading there, or even asking this same question there, then set down and take stock of what you already have and know; that way you will not be duplicating things. Above all, don't panic. You still have time. Start with the very basics and then work from there. Every journey starts with the first step. Yeah, I know, it's an old cliche


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