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I scored big at Big Lots today. I was talking to a friend who works there and told her I wanted to learn to make tortillas. She went in the back and found a tortilla press. I was ready to spend over $20 and order one online. Got it for 9.99. Now got to get the recipe down.


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Picked up a couple of good bargains tonight for my preps:

4 cans of Hormel breast of chicken,$1.79(BOGO)

5 hamburger helper 5/$5.00

5 boxes of kelloggs cereals 5/$5.00

3 M&M cookie bars 4@$1.49 each,(normaly $3.29)

10 LB.chicken quarters $3.90

16 cube steaks for $11.00

1 clorox disinfectant wipes

1 box kleenex

2 bottles ibuprofen


Have any of you noticed the STOCK UP SALES, the stores are having lately? We have 2 stores here who are having a 10/$10.00 stock up sale,and the 5/$5.00 stock up sales...Makes ya wonder. they usually run a stock up sale at the beginning of winter, not early spring!!!

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Actually had a chance to check the news and really didn't like what I heard,,first the BF, then new threats from N.Korea, and gas prices going even higher...sheesh..

So with all that is going on, I have gotten back on the prep band wagon...

this week other than what I have already posted the past couple of days,Ihave also added.:

2- can openers

2- cotton fitted sheets

2-flat sheets

mixing bowl,glass and plastic

2 sterno emergency candles

8 cereal bowls

8 plastic drinking cups

4 wash cloths

4 bathtowels

4 hand towels

5 floursack towels

24-dish cloths

4 tub mats

5- tubes toothpaste

1 tube aveeno itch cream

1 large peroxide

1 deodorant

1- hand lotion

1 package of razors

set of plain white pillow cases

4 spools thread- 2 white, 2 black

24 hand needles

16 embrodiery needles

4 sewing machine needles

200 assorted buttons

1 set of casserole dishes

1 set of dishes (16piece)

2 set of flat ware

1 small muffin pan

1 cookie sheet

2 sets of drinking glasses

20 rolls toilet paper


Will start again next week.....

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DH and I have been trying wild foods on the property. This afternoon we picked stinging nettles. I boiled them and cooked a bit of bacon. I added viengar to mine. It is mild tastes great and best of all free.

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I got a bunch of awesome deals at Safeway and Albertsons again this week.


I bought

1 box cornmeal

10 boxes Kellogs cereal for $15

4 boxes juice packs - replacement I go through a lot of these!

2 box rice a roni

2 box Chicken helper

6 lemonade/koolaid mixes 1.50 each

6 Kraft Salad dressing 1.50 ea

5 boxes kleenex to replace the ones Nick used for his cold! I can see this is an area I am seriously understocked in


2 box taco shells

Box Baindaids

3 box Dishwasher det 2.99 box!

2 jar pickles

2 box tea

8 can green beans

12 can corn

10 cans Wolfgang Puck soup 1.00 ea

2 top blade roast about 8 lb @ 1.99/lb

2 whole chickens

2 box spanish rice


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Monday we butchered 2 hogs (1 is mine)-don't know the exact weight of the packaged meat, but I had 5 1/2 Avon boxes FULL. The freezer above the fridge in the kitchen was already full. Managed to empty 2 1/2 boxes into the freezer on the back porch, 1 box into the freezer above the fridge in the garage and had to put the other 2 boxes in that fridge until I could make room in the big freezer.


Today I took 11 qts of 'hen of the woods' mushrooms out and canned them. Got 9 qts of canned mushrooms and 7 qts of mushroom broth. Rearranged the rest of the stuff and managed to fit the rest of the pork in.

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2 years worth of replacement bulbs for lanterns and flashlights. (I have the batteries already covered

with NImH which can be recharged.)


Kitchen matches

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I got a food dehydrator at the thrift store for $6. Of course, there were no instructions but I seem to remember a pretty lengthy thread here at MrsS about Dehydrator instructions.

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Well, I went a little nuts today on the really inexpensive items...

Albertson's ;

10 boxes of Kellogg's corn flakes =$10.00

10 boxes of Kellogg's raisin bran =$10.00

5 boxes of Life cereal &

5 boxes of Cap'n Crunch=$12.00

12 jars of Skippy peanut butter =$12.00

8 jars of grape jelly =$8.00

16 lbs. brown sugar =$8.00

3 boxes Anti-Viral Kleenex =$5.00

For a grand total of $65.00! But WAIT! There's more!!! Because I bought 20 boxes of Kellogg's cereal, I got coupons for *SIX* free gallons of milk!

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I had forgotten those day's of gallons and gallons of milk a week usage but we went through the same thing. Thankfully we had a wonderful milk cow who gave us five gallon a day which gave us plenty for drinking and all the rest of the dairy products we needed. I do NOT envy you your grocery bill

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You know, sometimes I laugh or joke about the amount of milk we drink around here, and I've even wondered if I could get a cow to be content in my backyard

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Nana I have been going through this with my ds's. They are crazy for fresh store bought milk. At $4.00 for 4ltrs, ouch. We go through 3 jugs every 4 days. This is why I have to increase my food preps as well. They eat like growing lambs! I would buy a cow but then with the short growing season of ours it would be very costly to feed during the winter. I wish we could tolerate goats milk.


Dh asked me this morn. if I would like to go to the big city Sunday to buy more items to store. Again, lots of overtime $$ so I won't say no. I'm shopping tomorrow for items I wouldn't normally buy, I'm going to bite the bullet and just do it. More powdered and canned milk is essential on my list for tomorrow along with more spices and canned tomato goods. Like to buy some grains....grain grinder hasn't arrived yet so I will wait.

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After all the protests and other things going on this week, DH and I have really stepped up the preps. Been working so hard on it, I haven't had time to post here much. So far this week...


5 boxes 3" 12GA shells - 00 buck

5 boxes 3" 12 GA regular shells

1 45 Reuger with 2 boxes shells

1 22 long rifle with shells

Doubled the size of the garden when we tilled it up

Set out brussel sprouts, leaf lettuce, onions, turnip greens, and spinach

12 cans potted meat

12 cans peas

12 cans corn

3 - 25 pound bags of sugar

100 pounds cracked corn


thats it for this week...we will be looking into getting a short wave radio next week to start the preps off...happy prepping folks.



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Erica, that's wonderful that he's jumped onboard that way! I'm glad you're able to get the extra stock in right now.

Hi Nana, the grain mill and juicer should arrive next week sometime. Ugh. I ordered it from US so it will take about 10 days or so? I'm a little nervous but not very.

Milk is terribly expensive. At the local gas station they want a little over 4.00, unbelievable. I try to buy my milk at Costco when I go to the big city, it cost 3.79 a jug a little cheaper, I buy 3 or 4 when I go which is usually once a month.

Today, I am buying 50lbs or so of hard wheat. Just did my homework to make sure I know what I'm doing in this department. Wheat berries are on the list so far. As you know if stored properly this will last forever.

We are on our way out so I'm rushing. Happy prepping all.
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I got 2 24 packs of ramen noodles, chicken and oriental flavored. I use them in other ways besides soup. Dh will take some to work to stash for lunch when he can't get out of the office.


I am out of AAA batteries, I just found out so that is on the list. I am doing a big shopping this week if it works out! Dh bought me a new small rototiller and I used it yesterday. I've got cabbage, potatoes, onions and strawberries all planted and coming up. I can hardly wait til the frost goes completely away!

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[Kim, 4.00 here in Canada. You pay 5.16 for 4ltres of milk, ouch that is expensive! Do I have this right?

BTW, Glad you are feeling better!!!

Yup thats right. Prices for milk went up here in Jan/Feb. It used to be 4.99 for 4L now its 5.16.
Wish I could have my goats here!
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