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Hi. One of the reasons (probably the main reason) I was asked to help with this manual is because I am an editor. So, as such, I have a question for all the contributors:


Do you have any objection to the amount of editing we (the moderators) do?


There are 3 levels of editing:


1. Substantive editing - this involves rearranging and improving the text. Sometimes the editor sees holes in the info that should be expanded upon. The text is considered as a whole. This type of editing may be required for the different topics, to provide some continuity throughout the manual, and to insure that each topic is covered in sufficient depth.


2. Copyediting - this involves checking for clarity, consistency, and correctness. The text is looked at by paragraph and sentence.


3. Proofreading - this is generally done at the last stage just before printing. Proofreading focuses solely on fixing things that are wrong...grammar, spellilng, punctuation, etc.



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Now Pixie, you quit picking on your sister. (Mother shakes her finger at the two "girls"

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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