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Terror Close to Home

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Here's a little story that I found. That will show y'all that even at the most enoyable and relaxing times. We can never let

our guard down and the most innocent looking person. He may turn out to be an enemy.

Everyone is concerned about Terrorism, but evil can be in your own backyard. Don't mean to be a downer, but I thought this could start things off. After a few Worst Case Stories. Then we can start talking about prevention and self-defense. It's alot easier than you would think.



Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

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Wow! That Guy was a creep! I do have a question...I'm a little overprotective also...I have a very cute red head that will be two in December. She is VERY friendly. She would probably walk off with a stranger that smiled and said hi to her. I don't want to discourage her from being so friendly, since I think that it's a good quality. But how do I protect her now? I have never discouraged her from saying "hi" or "bye-bye" to people, and I think she is too young to be tought to be cautious...What's the balance? I'm not sure I'd ever forgive myself if anything ever happened to her...and I'd probably would rip the persons throat out that hurt her (I guess I wouldn't be too happy to be happygirl). Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes...How can I teach her to be cautious, without taking away her friendliness? Hope I don't sound like a monster...but that little girl is such a precious gift...


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever!

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I know this is a disturbing subject, but I'm afraid that it is a mental disease that seems to be growing. Actually the Pedophile falls into a

category that I call Predatory. This would also include muggers, rapist, terrorist or any human that would prey on the weak or unsuspecting.

What we need to do is change our way of thinking and how we deal with public life. Instead of all of us and our families being prey. We shall be hunters and a good hunter always studies a predator. This means studying the disease of Pedophilia and understanding their tactics.

I'll try to post some links from some medical sites.

First on a defensive note, when you are with your children in public.

Imagine that your child is a large see-through bag. It contains a

million dollars of cash or diamonds. Everyone can see it, how would you act. Believe me if anyone walked around with a bag like that. Even the most honest person would be tempted to take it if your back was turned or they saw it sitting alone. However, when you go to a store or anywhere in public. You will find small children alone at the toy section or even a baby left alone in a cart while the parent is down

at the other end of the aisle or even around the corner. I've watched ladies actually grab their purse but leave the child. I'm sure to all of us, our children are worth more than a million dollars. However we

tend to take things a little routine when we are out in public.

Believe me, their are predators everywhere. You would not believe what a small child or baby could bring on the Black Market. Yes, there is a large market for children. So it's just not the sicko's that you need to worry about.

There is an old Warrior's saying "To conquer or defend from an enemy

you must think like them or become them". I don't mean for anyone to become obsessive over this. I would like Y'all to try a little experiment though. Next time you are in a public area, when you are alone. Try thinking like a child snatcher, I know this can be repulsive. However, remember we are Hunters and if you put yourself in their place. Later you will possibly recognize their habits and actions.

Also you will be a little less reluctant in letting your child go very far from you and you will find yourself being watchful of other


These are just my thoughts for discussion, but I've done this and was

dismayed on how easy it would be to abduct children. This had changed

the way I protected my children in public. Now they are grown and can take care of themselves, but I still keep an eye out for Predators.

I'm always keeping an eye on other Parent's children and have trained my children to do the same.


Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

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Wheeler, I can see why you're here. I've 2 children so I thought I'd looked at keeping children safe from just about every angle but you've got me thinking outside my box already. Thank you

One thing I discovered only recently - my ds is 10 - is that he really didn't realise that it was OK to bite or scratch or do whatever to an adult if they were threatening him in any way. I've spent so much time trying to encourage him to be polite and considerate that I'd failed to make him realise that sometimes it's Ok not to be polite AT ALL. So now I hope he knows that he would have our 100% support even if he turned out to be wrong

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I believe it is also important to trust our childrens instincts, if they feel uncomfortable with a situation or person, we should not ever leave them alone with that person or situation.

I trust the instincts of children and dogs.



Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when

our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

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Wheeler..you might be a bit surprised at how many women on this site can put a bullet in the nose of a bad guy at over 100 yards! Pedophiles are the worst! They prey on innocence. Being aware..knowledge is the key....



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Stargirl, I know how you feel. We teach our children to be polite and always obey their elders, but their instincts will kick in when they need them. Most of the public schools have been great at teaching kids to be careful about Strangers.

Lois I agree, even an infant has that special sensitivity on being able to tell the difference between Good and Evil. We just have to pay attention to them.

Ed, I don't want it too seem like I'm underestimating any of the Ladies. My style comes from years of working as a Technical

Support Help. The ones that can take care of themselves know who they are and I'm sure they'll let me know. It's the ones that may question themselves or still have some doubts of what they would do in a situation

that the rest of us might help.

DebbieLee, your right in that it seems everytime you second guess yourself or doubt that inner voice. Then you find out later you should ave listened to yourself. I believe that little voice is our Guardian Angel whispering. It's saved my life quite a few times.


Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

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hmmmmmmm that story brings up interesting points.......of course protecting children....*

*note: in my sisters suburban neighborhood....a convicted pedophile moved in......it was discovered by accident....later in another post, maybe you can give thoughts as to how to best deal with this and similar situations.

Also......the inbred need to be polite...the fear of public humiliation....

* remind me to tell you about how i my purse was stolen in my front yard.

Our God given inner voice.....that warning bell....that we sometimes ignore....

These are all things that i think would be interesting to delve into.



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Hello, everybody! I have a question for all of you, now that we are talking about it...

As I said earlier, I have an almost two year-old little girl. I live in an apartment complex and about a month or two ago when I got home from grocery shopping, I found 3 packaged small cakes (all the print on the package was in German). There was a note with the cakes that said something like "Something for the little lady". A few weeks later, I found out (after asking around forever, including the managment)that the cakes were from a guy that works here and lives on my floor. When he told me, I thanked him for them, but did not mentioned that I had thrown them away. Since I didn't know who they were from, I didn't feel comfortable giving them to my DD or eating them myself, even if they were packaged.

Well, last night when I got home, my DH said that someone had left a bag of candy at our door. Stuff like Reeses chocolate, and packaged stuff like that. I assume that they are leftovers from Halloween, and that they are from the same guy, although I don't know for sure.

What do you think of this? I don't give my DD any candy, so that's not the issue. I don't feel right about it in "my gut" so, no offese, regardless of what anyone says, I'm going to throw them away. I would just really appreciate your comments....thanks!


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever!

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Go with those instincts, they will never do you wrong. One thing is trying out a gift from a friend or even a stranger with them.

However this guy sounds like he has some kind of mental issue. He could be just shy or it also follows the pattern of a stalker that like to admire from afar but cannot handle personal confrontation.

I suggest meeting with this person, however do not do this alone for the first time.

Try to either have your DH or a friend with you. Talk to him and express that what he is doing makes you feel unconfortable.

Then "feel" him out and see what you think.

He might be harmless, but if it seems like he is nervous or becomes irritated. Then you may want to report this to your manager and even file a complaint with the Police.

You never know he might have a History

on file. I hope this helps, please keep us posted. That's what DebbieLee and I are here



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