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Star Wars comes to the U.S.& Britain

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Thought these news articles might be of interest.Through a joint effort between

the United States and Britain's military.

We have now "Star War's" laser capability.

I'm not refering to the satellite program.

This is actually Laser warfare on the ground.

Terrorist beware, Science Fiction goes to War.

People Zapper Weapon


Military laser


Let me know what Y'all think. I know a little on lasers, but if I knew more I would'nt be a lowly Computer Tech.


Always Seek&Follow the Light.....Wheeler

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How cool is that? The laser that shoots down missles.......amazing!

The skin cookin/blinding laser is also amazing......i can't believe they are worried about law suits......all is fair in war....don't cha think?

But honestly ...if this technology was in the hands of the enemy.....it would scare the **** outof me!




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OH my goodness Wheeler.....that is the Coolest site! I could spend forever there!!I stored it in my favorites to keep going back!

BTW....My brother is sooo happy i sent him that link.....he Loves finding out how things work........


Do you think it will take a long time before this laser is ready for wide spread use?




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Lowie.....i understand and feel that way too.

I was commenting on the remarkable Technology......

War is Hell...no two ways about it....but to know there is a weapon out there that would help our boy's defend themselves or our country or to protect the people/country they are aiding....is a remarkable thing.

To be able to shoot down say a scud missle heading for innocent people.....that to me is a good thing......I have 2 Nephews who are US Marines......if they were in a battle....i want them to have the most advanced weapons to protect themselves and other service men and woman.....

That's what i meant to say.

War is a terrible thing.....i was not making light of it.




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I know you wouldn't Deb, you're not the type. Just got me on a "bad" morning! Mind you, I feel that way all the time - I'm sure those brains and all that money could be put to much better use. Futile situations all round, really.



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