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This is a list of extras to supplement the $20 per week storage plan that I created. For an additional $5, you can add a lot of things you might need in a quarantine situation.


Everything on this list is available at a dollar store. In some cases, you may find on or two items that are actually 2/$1. If that's the case you may want to double your items.


These lists are merely suggestions but, if you're clueless, they will certainly jumpstart your thought processes. Remember, if there is something on the list that you don't buy or don't need, don't buy it! Nothing here is set in stone...

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You also might want to include for lighting preps:

1. Kitchen matches 2boxes/$1

2. Emergency candles 10 in a box/$1

3. Lighters 5pkg/$1

4. Tap Lights 1/$1

5. Butane fire starter 1/$1

6. Lamp oil 1bottle/$2.50


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This is exactly why I said it wasn't set in stone. Everyone that is already prepping, may have different ideas about what they need. This is just to give ideas to those that may not have any... again, if you don't like what's on the list, change it but, the list is for 52 weeks, to be used in conjunction with the original lists I created.



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Here are the totals for this list;


10 bottles of vitamin C

5 bottles multi- vitamins


5 packs cough drops

5 bottles pain reliever

5 boxes daytime cold medicine

5 bottles cough syrup- expectorant not cough suppressor


5 bottles hand soap

5 waterless hand cleaners

5 toothbrushes

10 tubes toothpaste

10 packs baby wipes

5 bottles antiseptic mouthwash, 5 bottles mint mouthwash

5 packs disposable razors

5 bottles shampoo & 5 bottles conditioner

5 bottles lotion & 5 bottles body wash


5 boxes bandages

2 packs cotton swabs, 2 bags cotton balls,

1 bottle alcohol & 1 hydrogen peroxide (.50 each)

5 miscellaneous ointments (diaper rash, burn, etc.)


5 packs ‘AA’ batteries, 5 packs ‘D’ batteries, 5 packs ‘C’ batteries

5 packs incense or scented candles

5 packs tea light candles


10 bags cookies or candies

10 bags hard candies

5 packs of multi-pack gum or breath mints


10 packs napkins

5 packs disposable drinking cups

5 packs disposable gloves

5 packs trash bags

5 packs disposable forks/ spoons


25 books, kids toys or other fun stuff or adult equivalent


5 rolls asst. tape (duct, masking, etc.)

5 cans disinfecting spray

5 bottles dish soap

10 containers of disinfecting wipes

5 pest control items- your choice

5 asst. cleaners (floor, window, etc.)


Again, these lists are to add to your preps or give you ideas of things you may have overlooked.


Some things I didn't list because I had to make choices according to budget, and thought it a bit simplistic to add in the obvious. These lists are not meant to be all encompassing to anyone who is starting out with nothing. This is pre-supposing there are already basics and regular shopping items in the home.


There is absolutely no way to stock up on every item needed for a household on $25.00 per week. I can barely buy bread, milk, juice, eggs and butter with that! Now before you think I'm crazy, you need to understand that my family consists of 5 people, including a 13 1/2 yo boy who's 6' 4" tall wears a size 14 shoe and only weighs 130 lbs! To look at him you wouldn't guess that he eats as much as the rest of us combined!

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Nana, just when I think you can't get any better, you do. I don't think anyone would challenge the validity of that list. I'm even going to use it for ME to check out my stocks. In reading through the list I realized that there are some things I WAS stocked up on that I'm not any longer.


(course, you know I'm stealing this also for the manual

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