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Introduction to Basic Preparation

By lois



#77858 - 01/08/06 10:00 PM


We have all encountered those family setbacks or emergencies and said to your self, “if this happens again I will be more prepared”.

Are you?

There are all kinds of emergencies, everything from that 3-hour power outage with guests coming, to the 3 weeks that the ice storm rendered us powerless and unable to travel to get those items necessary for just getting by.

Then there are the long-term emergencies like getting laid off and not enough cash to go around.

This book is about preparing for those emergencies.

We hope to convince you that it is fairly easy and painless to get ready for those contingencies.

I watched in amazement as people filed into the dome in New Orleans’, with only a bottle of soda and when asked where their 3 day supply of food was that they were asked to bring with them, and got answers like, “they” will give me what I need. Had they remained at home they would have needed to have food for those 3 days, but in an emergency someone else was supposed to provide it. This mind set has cost many a family more than it should have.

The way to prepare is to look at what is necessary and find a way to provide it.




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