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Purchasing Used Canners

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I would just try it with about 2-3 inches in the bottom of the canner. If any steam comes out any place except for the vent, then there's probably a problem. There should be no reason for any steam to be coming out of the sides at all.


There's nothing to be afraid of...all you'll be doing is heating up the water so that it will create steam, which will come out one way or another. You're not taking it all the way up to pressure to process anything, so once you see where the steam escapes, you can turn the stove off.

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okay Im not sure how the pressure cooker steam gauge works and what is this metal stem thing do.I will be ordering a book ,but would like to test it again I did it once and I couldnt hear steam coming out anywhere after it got started.With my mirro I can hear steam pushing the weights around how does the AA work???Should I hear hissing all the time it was quiet and then I saw the gauge go up and I shut it off for Im not sure yet about safety and this is not a cooker Im used to yet.Do the guages have to be tested once a year..How about weight regulators can they be put on with only one piece the big weight and no other parts to convert over I will change over if it doesnt have to be checked yearly as I live on a island and it is a hassle to find a place to check????

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Ok herbal...what AA canner did you get? I assume it is a used one? Does it have a petcock vent pipe or is it all set up for a weighted gauge?


You can get the dial gauge checked out if you want, but if it's a weighted gauge canner, you'll rely on the weight for accurate pressure and not the dial.


The AA weight is one weight for each of the different pressures...5, 10 and 15lbs pressure. There are little holes on the side of the weight right next to the number. You'll place the appropriate hole over the vent pipe, for the pressure you're trying to attain...usually 10lbs or 15lbs pressure.

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I just got 1 of the old national pressure canners..... The only thing on the top of the lid is the pressure gauge. My question is that do I need to replace these things and the ring before I take it in to have it tested.... Or would that just be a waste of money if the canner doesn't work?

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You can wait on the overpressure plug and ring. They would just check to see that they are soft and pliable. You only need the gauge for it to be tested.

You can order a new gauge for it still. Then, even a new gauge needs testing before use, as they can be off by as much as 4 lb. right out of the box.

That old canner is not suitable to converting over to a weighted gauge canner. I tried that already. The weights won't fit the vent pipe on that model.

So, it has to be used as a dial gauge canner.


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