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White Elephant Exchange 2

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WELL, WE finally found a Post Office that would take our WE box !

So it is now on its way to ...................


Want a hint?

Well She lives in the USA,

She posts on this forum and

Her favorite color is.....



Now THAT would be too much information!


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You're not the last, Sunny, I finally caught that ...ahem well, and now I have to find a huge cage or ummm I mean a nice box to send it in. I hope to get mine out the first of the week.



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You are NOT supposed to like what you are giving away! you are supposed to dislike it!!! that is why it is a White Elephant and you are getting rid of it!


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Finally, got that huge WE in the mail today. I couldn't believe how much it cost to send two thousand pounds. WHEW!!!!


Anyway, I forgot to enclose the letter I was going to send with the WE so I'm going to post it here instead.


Dear Ahem,,,,Recipient,


I was so excited when I found that I had received your name in the White Elephant exchange. It not only gave me a chance to have some fun but to send a small thank you for helping me to “save” my preps more easily.


Enclosed you will find a small token of my appreciation in the form of a Comfrey root. It may not seem like much but I wouldn’t be without one. This is a root from a plant that has traveled with me from home to home for over thirty years. I’ve found comfrey to be invaluable for healing both human and animals alike.


Also enclosed is a small gift for you and some other "members" of your family. You will know who I mean when you get them.


You will also find two tiny utterly useless articles, and a couple other items. They are NOT elephants but they ARE white…..


Last, but not least, enclosed you will find (maybe, I hope) a huge, very rare, six-foot tall, white, invisible “Elphanant”. Or at least I think she’s white (she’s invisible you know) and I think it’s a she (she’s invisible you know) as she seems to be getting bigger by the day which could indicate she’s going to have a baby “Elphanant” but who knows when, cause it takes forever for them to multiply, hence their rarity. You will know if she has been included when you hear splashing in the bath tub in the night or find water and towels all over the floor. You will also know, if your stash of chocolate has been broken into, as they love chocolate (they also love PEEPS!




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