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White Elephant Exchange 2

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Well, today was the day, I guess...


I was busy out running for children all day and came home to find the usual amount of teenager cars parked around my drive. What was unusual today was the fact that all the boys were standing around this HUGE box in the middle of my driveway. I parked my car, got out and walked over, and what do you think I found?






All of a sudden I heard this strange sound and looked around to see THIS running around my front yard:




Next to my front door, I found a little box, and when I opened it, I found THESE:






As I continued to dig through the box, inbetween the tears that were cascading down my face (what the heck was I gonna do with all those animals), I came across THIS:




I quickly donned my new tiara (all good Princesses know what THEY are for *rolling eyes), and continued to rummage through the box. All of a sudden eleven of these were revealed:




One for each of my lady hens. I was in shock. She must have some royal blood somewhere in her ancestors to know the proper protocol on Princess gifts.


Laying at the bottom of the box were two last items...the first one was an exotic persian rug from lands far far away...she musta thought my hiney was smaller than it actually is cause it only measures about 4"x6":




Last by not least, and I still haven't figured this one out yet, but she set me a cutting from a WEED!




Oh well, we all know that some of our members are kinda *touched* in the head, so I just chalked it up to that. Besides, the tiara for me just made my day!




Seriously though, I received my package today from Mother...I was so excited to open it till I remembered that I still had mine sitting on the counter waiting to be mailed, so I rushed up to the post office and got my WE to my secret friend mailed off, then came quickly back home.


I opened the box and as I started to remove all the items, I really did break out in tears...not because I was despondant lol, but because I was very touched by what she had sent. She really has a knack of touching our hearts and bringing smiles to our faces cause that's exactly what she did today.


She sent me 2 very unique aprons...they don't tie, in face one side is about 14" long and the other tie side is about 4" long lol...ironically though, they fit PERFECTLY around my waist so I'm just gonna put a button on them and have them as BUTTON APRONS! lol...


The thing though that sent me to tears was when I picked up these most breathtaking hand croched pot holders...not the kind you ever use, but the kind you proudly display on your kitchen wall. They were absolutely gorgeous and have a picture on each of them of a rooster...her contribution to my chicken gang I got going here, and giving me the rooster I really can't legally have! lol


The ToysRUs plastic tiara made me howl with laughter, and the 11 hand made tiaras she handmade from shower curtain rings were brilliant! She decorated each ring with ribbons and jewels and flowers and a whole bunch of thing and you better believe your bottom dollar that I'm gonna put them on my ladies and take some pictures (as soon as they get big enough for the tiara to stay on their heads rofl).


The little rug, I'm assuming is for my ladies to *perch* on, as I can't imagine what else that could be for!


And the weed? It's a cutting from her comfrey plant, and although I'm so excited to read up on it and find out exactly what it's for, I was more moved thinking about how this was something that was HERS, that came from HER land, something that SHE tended and used, and that really really touched me.


This WE has been one of the funnest exchanges we've done yet and I'm so grateful that we all decided to do it...


A very special ((((((((((((Mother)))))))))))))) and a heartfelt thank you for the special things you sent.


And as far as my WE friend goes, just hang in there, it's in the mail and I would assume you'd have it by early next week at the latest!

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Gosh Darlene, you must be GOOD to get that rare shot of that "ELPHANANT" And here I thought they were always white. I hope SHE doesn't give you too much trouble...Maybe you can teach her to feed and water the little princesses for you.


You are welcome for the little gifts. They came from the heart and unfortunately from a rather 'unusual'( won't say warped) sense of humor

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Well Snowmom...


Some of us tend to fall in the "dramatic, excessive, creative" category...rofl


One item is the foundation to the WE, but just let some of us have some fun and do the little extras that make this whole thing successful. I didn't send just one thing, but I sure didn't send anything that monetarily contains excessive wealth lol. I just did a couple little things that are *me* thangs and I had fun doing it. Next year, if I decide to send only one, that's fine too. But a picture I wanna paint needs the flexibility to be either solitary or several.


Whether it's one thing or more, it's keeping within the spirit of the WEE. Nobody should feel pressured to do anything like some of us have, that is not the purpose nor intent of this exchange. The deal is, one item is mandatory, and anything over and above that falls under the senders discretion.


I see it being no different than any other exchange actually. Some people put HOURS into one Christmas ornament, while others are able to create something in far less time. The spring fling is full of variables and that is accepted too. I understand what you're saying but I don't want you to worry about it.



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Snowmom, I did follow the rules. I really didn't want to but I did. Next time I know better, after all it was my first exchange.


Adding to say, I probably could have done better, but it wasn't till after my WE was sent that I found and bought a much more suitable WE gift. Saving that for next year.

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I really feel sorry for my partner! she is getting an unwanted, unloved gift I got and well... don't want! And if *you* don't like it either.. repack it and put it in a safe place for next years sucker.. er, I mean.. partner!


and that is that!

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I'm probably last as usual-mine is getting sent out in the morning. It really has been difficult ya know-my white elephant that is. First that whole hide-and-seek thing, making me look all over for him, then trying to get away and making me hunt and chase him all over the place. Then when I finally caught him-HE REFUSES TO GO!

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lol @ mommafitz...


Don't listen to me, I love breaking rules...we haven't heard from Snowmom lately so I have a feeling she's laying on her chaise lounge having her hubby fan her with sunday's comic section, in complete shock at how naughty some of these ladies are being...



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ONE????? um, er


*hides her box from Amish Homesteaders"


Oh yeah, just one thing, right!


*slips her crayon, green twig, cross stitch of white elephant, white elephant statue, rock from the wilder farm, cent's worth in a pretty little box, M&L's pride and joy, and a few other things in various pockets, then brandishes her custom made belly button cleaner, belly dancers edition*


Yeah.. one thing! Belly button cleaner!



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