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Name your favorite herb

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Culinary, Aromatic, Medicinal, etc.....


Because I haven't been around the block with herbs I'm trying to get a good idea of what to purchase this year. I usually buy the typical culinary herb and odd aromatic herb.


One of my favorites is Rosemary. I absolutely love the scent and the flavor in cooking.


Another is lavendar (of course) and old fashioned thyme.

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Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley


Feverfew, Yarrow, Comfry


Lemon Verbena, Mint, Hyssop, Red Clover, Bee Balm


oh wait you said a favorite didn't you...


just one?



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Chives - is that an herb?

Well we have it in our herb garden.


Hey Darlene just a hint for you-

When you plant any mint if you don't want it going everywhere cut the bottom off a big plastic flower pot or whatever you have (should be about 10 ” high or more)and dig a hole , put in the pot so about 1 inch is above ground and then plant your mint into the pot. That way the runners (oh there will be runners) can't get going underground to spread out and show up everywhere.

We do this with a few other herbs too to help control them.

*grow them - eat them - drink them - dry them - infuse them - well just about any way you can we use them!


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thought you might like to see the layout plan for our herb garden. Most everything comes back each year.




Herbs in the garden:

1 bee balm 2 chamomile 3 chives 4 dill 5 garlic scapes 6 hyssop 7lamb's ear 8 lavender 9 lemon balm

10 oregano 11 parsley 12 peppermint 13 red creeping thyme 14 st. johns wart 15 spearmint

16 tarragon (french) 17 thyme 18 winter savory 19 yarrow

That is a brick edged walkway in the middle and the gray things are rocks it is about 10 feet deep and 20 feet wide and sits against the side of the house.


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A/H what a beautiful herb garden you must have. I would love to see the real picture. My chives come up every year here, we have very cold winters. So chives are obviously very hardy. I don't know about mints but I am going to see if they will weather just as well. The hardier the better. I have never grown basil.

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Mamacat's White Elephant in Garlic


1/1025th of a white elephant

1 pound of butter

500 cloves garlic, thin sliced

Bucket of garlic chives

Couple of bottles of chardonnay


Open the chardonnay, drink a glass.

Simmer the white elephant for several days over medium-low heat outdoors as the smell will probably gag you. Have a glass of chardonnay each day.


Once you can penetrate it with a giant stabbing utensil, remove from water and cool. Don't worry about the cats, they ain't touching it. Why not enjoy a glass of chardonnay?


Melt the butter, after spending several hours slicing the garlic you're ready for a whole bottle of chardonnay. Enjoy.


Oops... the butter burned, the coyotes got the elephant (they'll eat anything) and you're a vegetarian anyway. Scramble some eggs with chives.





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What type of oregano are you using Quiltys? Some of my greek and other specialty oreganos aren't very hearty but I have a plain old garden variety that has been coming back for about five years now, no mulching, covering, below freezing temps and in spite of a drought last year. It's taste is good though not as nice as some of the others but it's at least dependable.


Hope you find one that works for you. I, too, like oregano....

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