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TEOTWAWKI Reality Check Test

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The scene is this:


!!!The world has gone crazy or at least your part of the world. For some time the rising oil prices have caused all transportation and heating costs to be almost unattainable for most people. (Does this sound familiar?) The stock market had been climbing by leaps and bounds but suddenly has cashed due to rumors of economic unrest and war around the globe.( Does this resemble what we've been hearing lately?) Even if you don't have interests in the stock market, you suddenly find your bank closed and your funds are unattainable. Businesses are folding daily and people out of work, perhaps even yourself or a loved one. The prices of gas, food, supplies, medicine and almost all goods have gone out of sight and what you can afford is now in scarce supply. On top of that, now the threat of avian Influenza has become a reality. People are falling ill by huge numbers, hospitals are overflowing, schools are closed, hungry rioters are starting to amass in the streets and now the electricity has gone off and you have just heard that it will not be on for many months to come, if at all. The National Guard has been called out but there are not enough of them to handle the chaos; Society, as we know it, has totally broken down!!!



Please share with us the burdens that you think you will be feeling if this REALLY happens. Will you be angry, scared? are you afraid of your ability to handle the situation? I now I am.

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Am very scared. My biggest concern would be family. #1-my kids. 21, 20, and 17. 20 yr old is out on his own. 21 and 17 yr old both live with their father. My biggest concern would be to get them to me. Their dad isn't prepared for next week, let alone.....And then there would be their concern for their dad. This may sound silly, but I would almost take in him and his girlfriend if it meant my children's safety. Then there is my parents-my DM especially-she would want her children near her even though we are all in our 30's with our own kids. She would try to get us all to our DGF farm-and she would be READY, also.


I guess the best way to explain what burdens my heart the most about this subject is: extended family. How very close we all are with modern convienences and being able to travel and communicate. But how very far apart we would be in this situation.

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worrying about my son and daughter so far away until they made it home.

worrying about my young son- the cruelty of people is what concerns me- what would angry disillusioned predatory travelers do to my family and our precious stores?

worrying about my husband and his health issues

worrying that I'm almost 50 years old and just a little thing- I feel like a hen with a bunch of chicks trying to navigate a coyote filled gully.

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No, I am not afraid of my ability to handle the situation. I know that I can. God has allowed enough things over the years in my life to remind me that I do have the *right stuff* to successfully face these uncertain potential tomorrows. I know how to rise to the occassion, I know the work that is involved, I've made the necessary preps to the best of my ability so far to handle all kinds of different scenarios.


And for those times that I'll need to fall apart, I know exactly what to do. I'll do the same thing I do today when the SHTF and I start to fall apart.


I hit my knees and cry out to Him, and He ALWAYSALWAYSALWAYS shows me the way, blesses me with His peace and somehow gives me the energy to walk through it.


My days start with Him and end with Him. I guess I just got tired of trying to do it all alone and messing everything up.

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Yes I would be afraid...for my children and my grandchildren until they are gathered at my side. Then I would be fine, I can handle anything as long as they are there. But my one son, I don't know if I would see him again. That would be the saddest part.

Theyd, I understand about the meds. I have five that I cannot do without...I will have another stroke without them. I am confident in my husbands ability to care for the family though if I should become invalid moreso than I am now. Also my daughter is going to school to become a nurse after years of being a nursing assistant, so I am sure she would give great care. But I do worry what would happen to them in the long run without me there to care for them all. Not because they are unable to care for themselves, but buecause I am the mom, grandmom, wife and caretaker, nurse to them all. I guess I just worry to much



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A lot of emotions go through my mind when I think about what I might have to handle if TEOTWAWKI hits. I do not doubt my ability or my knowledge but my stamina, strength, and health. I fear that I would add more burden to my family than all my knowledge is worth.


I would most likely not know how some of my family was faring and that would bring great sorrow. I have been careful to tell them how much I love them in case I would not be able to do so again.


Then there would be the possible problem of having to defend our property and family. I'm not sure I could fire a gun at someone or injure them but I know that it might be possible.


When I think of the possibilities I feel anger creeping in. Anger at the government, at the people who would not listen and do their own preps, making it more likely that we would have to defend our own. Anger that a big part of these disasters were created by greed and overpopulation and lack of attention to the 'monsters' we were creating. Anger that my grandchildren might not have a chance at life in the future. Anger at myself, unreasonable anger, for my ill health that causes me to fear my own abilities. Does that make sense?


But anger only makes me more ineffective so I put the anger aside and grab on to the fact that at least I am still able to prepare and that my family and friends are starting to take it seriously. I put it and the fear aside because it will not help me protect my family. And I pray that when the disasters become a reality I will be past the fear, past the anger enough to handle whatever comes my way.



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I am not worried about my own ability to handle the situation. I am a bit worried about the holes in my preps but I will keep working on those.


My greatest fear lies with my mom who has a breathing problem and my stepdad who is not in the best of health. They live next door to my sister and brother in law. They are about 100 miles from me and when this disaster strikes, that might as well be 100,000 miles. I won't be able to help them and if the power and phones go, I won't be able to contact them either.


I'm scared for them because no matter how many times I bring up the bird flu and the possible problems brought by it, they think I'm nuts and don't take me seriously. They are not prepared for this. My sister shops about every other day and doesn't keep more than a few weeks of food on hand. My mom does keep a better stocked pantry but she doesn't have near enough.


All I can do is pray for them and hope they see the light before it's too late.

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Right now our preps are so very low. It was harder feeding 5 on what we had been feeding just the two of us. I love our DS but, he could have helped out a lot more. Without more of his help, it really hurt us.


Our medication is something that concerns both of us. We are trying to get some ahead, but when you can only get what the insurance will allow, it is really hard to get much ahead.


One thing that is a real concern to me is that, as you all know, I have a pace maker and within the next couple years it will need to be replaced. Will there be a place and time for me to get it replaced??? Will the drs. be able to do this with all the sick people???? The only thing I can say is that I am depending on God to take care of this situation. Then to top that off, the new pace makers are only going to be good for 5-7 years instead of what I am doing now. I had it put in 10 years ago and I was told it could last up to 12 years. Without the pace maker, I would be a vegetable.


DS has his problems also, he has at least 2 pills he takes for his heart as well as both of us are diabetics and have high cholesterol as well as we both need inhailers for lung problems. All my allergies and asthma, DH has emphysema, do to his many years of smoking.


Now, our DD, our oldest DS and family are in TX, well DS is now in Iraq, but when he is stateside, he is in TX.. Our youngest DS as you know is in Fargo, ND., about 98 miles from us. So if anyone of them were sick, there is no way we could help or if we were, there is no way they could help us.


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Becca, I had a couple of thoughts about your situation. First you will NOT get the bird flu

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I'm feeling fairly confident right now with my preps for my family. Never 100% and because I am not a nurse/doctor that area does concern me. Then there is security.


Another of my worry/concern begins with extended family. We have mentioned the importance of preps to a few family members of influence and had hopefully thought that would trickle down to the others. Unfortunately investments of other things such as money is more important even though alot of them live in a hot earthquake zone. They don't get it. Soooo my concern lies with them. Allthough we have an area to quarantine them in the event of a pandemic, food and water would be a very BIG issue.


Always have to be realistic as to what we could do for others. What I would like to do for others is another story and not reality at this point. My children will always be my first concern as they are my responsibility and my job as a parent is to take complete care of them.


I think I will feel angry because people we love and care for didn't listen and therefore may die. It will be a very sad day for us.

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I have thought a lot about this and find that I am not afraid. I know that nothing happens without our Father allowing it. My concern is, have I done all that I can, that is what is required of us and to be sure that others are aware of the dangers. Beyond that it is all in His hands. So my job now is to continue doing all that I can as long as I am able.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have planned a camping trip for me and the boys, daughter has to work. If this works out, I will feel more secure about my preps being well done.


We will be practicing starting a fire without matches and cooking over a keyhole firepit in a dutch oven and on a grill. They are going to build a lean-to-shelter under my direction with a handsaw and a emergency chain saw. We will be using a tarp for the roof and covering it with debris to hide it. It must be large enough for the four of us to sleep inside of it. We are also going to build a reflecting wall and cover it with flattened cans with the inside turned to face us to make a very reflective wall.


(I am really roughing it on an air mattress, but they will be sleeping on beds that they make. I am going to take along our folding chairs, but I haven't decided wether to take a table or not.)


Where we are camping is less than a half mile from a pond and we will be catching and preparing fish on a daily basis. One of my Amish friends is letting us borrow a couple of chickens and we have to build a coop for them in order to get the eggs we need. We are also going to butcher an cook a chicken in clay in our firepit. I wanted to borrow a goat from another friend, but she thinks we need to get some more experience before we add the goat.


We will be gathering wild plants to expand our food sources. Of course there will be a lot of beans, pasta and rice...which I store at home. My brother in law is going to have the oldest boy help him hunt ground hogs and if we get one, we will eat it too. The boys will also get to pick berries and later on apples and pears from the trees in the woods. We are going to purify our water using an old pressure cooker and some copper tubing to make a "still". The old spring house, which is just the stone frame now, is where we will keep our food that needs to be kept cold. We are planning on buying raw milk from our Amish friends and making our own butter, yogurt and farmer's cheese to eat. We've made these things, but at home on the gas stove, not over an open fire. I'm thinking I will use the cooler method to make the yogurt.


For hygiene, we will be using a human manure toilet and my brother is letting me set up a compost heap to use on the berry briars. We will use our sponges/wipes and wash/dry them by hand. Planning on washing our clothes that way too. We will still use toothpaste and toothbrushes and regular soap until we get the basics down and then we will start to make our own...maybe next year. I have plans to make a handwashing station with a bath scrunchy in a net bag with a bar of soap and a upside down bleach bottle with a hole that you plug with a golf tee stopper. We are right next to a small creek so we can play and wash up in there at the same time. (No soap will be used, just elbow grease.)


We are each taking a Bible and one other book for entertainment. I am taking a book on cards and dice games. I am taking a deck of cards, six dice, a solid ball and a frisbee for play time.


We will be using a kerosene lantern for portable light as well as a couple of pump flashlights...hoping to get one of the new shake ones too. We are making a couple of the candles in a jar lanterns for our stationary hanging lights. If I get the money, I want to buy an outdoor solar light and use that at night, if I get the money.


I know that it's during the summer and I would have to go to my Mom's at least one day a week and for two of the weekends for the month that we have planned. But, I figure this will give me a good idea on what we have missed in the planning stages.


I am taking all my meds with me, but I am going to try an do it without taking them, just to see how I make out. For now, if it gets too bad, I just have to start taking them again.


That's my reality check test!!! Given a real life TEOTWAWKI scenario, if I make it to the farm; everything will be all right (One of the reasons we are doing this dry run, is to have everything ready. The next step is to start hiding supplies near by.). If we end up somewhere between here and there...at least we have the knowledge on what we need to to do.


Needless to say, without God none of this will be any good.

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Good for you PhatKat. That will be a true reality check. My family has done this in the past also but many years ago and I'm not sure how well I would handle it now. Please be sure to let us all know the good and bad of it all. This could be a learning experience for others too and maybe even encouragement for others to try it.



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Well we are already there in our family. Two years ago we sold our very tiny home in a small city. We purchased a home in the country and started our farm. We also adopted two children (we had two of our bio children still living with us). Gas prices have soared, heating is outrageous which in turn as raised everything we pay for.

Dh now drives to work Monday morning and lives in his truck all week. He returns home on Friday evening.

My health has taken a nose dive which means less energy to get things done so I'm not saving as much money.

We were served last week with foreclosure papers. I don't think we will be able to save our farm this time. We've struggled because of the rising costs and because we have a guy that owes us quite a bit of money and he has vanished.

I work for a nonprofit and because of the economy we are seeing less and less in the way of donations. Therefore, sometimes I am not even paid until weeks later.

God is going to work this all out. I don't know how. Unfortunately, no one here understands. I have run into the coolest and coldest Christians in our area. We left our old confortable church for a new one where we don't really know anyone. Most of our acquaintances are used to have money and can't understand why we don't!

I'm worried about losing my house and in turn, losing my children. My medications are so expensive some times it's a choice to eat or buy meds. So I'm just praying for a miracle and for God to somehow work this out. I feel under such bondage. I keep trying to contact the mortgage company but so far no luck..I keep getting voice mail and NO call backs. I think that they intend to just take and sell the house. We have a sale date already. It's a scary place to be.

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Guest Guest



I just woke up and turned on the computer and read Cat's post in Streams in the Desert and came here to see what had touched her heart that you had said.


I have tears in my eyes and my heart is heavy and the first thing I do is run to Him cause He is the one that is in control.


Yanno, I named our Streams forum after a book that my mother has read faithfully daily for probably over 30 years. The pages are marked with dates of years gone by...notes jotted in the margins from the things that God touched her heart with at those moments. Appropriately, that forum is named after a daily devotional called Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, who was a missionary to the Orient many, many, many years ago. I think that I have bonded to her particular devotions because of the depth that they are written with...they just always seem to touch a place in my soul. Anyway, when I read your post, I went over to where they have her devotion online to read today's, and this is what it said:


Streams in the Desert (online version)


Limp Hands and Feeble Knees

By Mrs. Charles E. Cowman


Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed" (Heb. 12:12-13).


This is God's word of encouragement to us to lift up the hands of faith, and confirm the knees of prayer. Often our faith grows tired, languid, and relaxed, and our prayers lose their force and effectiveness.


The figure used here is a very striking one. The idea seems to be that we become discouraged and so timid that a little obstacle depresses and frightens us, and we are tempted to walk around it, and not face it: to take the easier way.


Perhaps it is some physical trouble that God is ready to heal, but the exertion is hard, or it is easier to secure some human help, or walk around in some other way.


There are many ways of walking around emergencies instead of going straight through them. How often we come up against something that appalls us, and we want to evade the issue with the excuse:


"I am not quite ready for that now." Some sacrifice is to be made, some obedience demanded, some Jericho to be taken, some soul that we have not the courage to claim and carry through, some prayer that is hanging fire, or perhaps some physical trouble that is half healed and we are walking around it.


God says, "Lift up the hands that hang down." March straight through the flood, and lo, the waters will divide, the Red Sea will open, the Jordan will part, and the Lord will lead you through to victory.


Don't let your feet "be turned out of the way," but let your body "be healed," your faith strengthened. Go right ahead and leave no Jericho behind you unconquered and no place where Satan can say that he was too much for you. This is a profitable lesson and an intensely practical one. How often have we been in that place. Perhaps you are there today. --A. B. Simpson


Pay as little attention to discouragement as possible. Plough ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth--rain or shine. To carry your cargo and make your port is the point. --Maltbie D. Babcock


I, myself, don't necessarily have any answers or great pearls of wisdom to offer, but I can tell you one thing...


When my life was literally threatened, when I felt my most alone, when the sadness would paralyze me, when those seeds of hopelessness somehow got planted and started to sprout, and when I came to the end of my own personal line, He was there. He didn't necessarily swoop in with a mighty wind and suddenly make everything perfect. He did however move in a very powerful way and reached down and picked me up off the cliff I was about to fall off of, and drew me close to Him, and held me tightly in His arms. I can hardly remember those days without tears springing to my eyes cause His tenderness, His gentleness, His unconditional love and His protection with me when I was at my lowest, still touches me deeply.


I have many memories growing up when God would test my parents and for all intents and purposes, their lives would be falling down around them...there would be times when my dad would not have a job, where the utilities were about to be shut off, where I'm sure their mortgage was in jeapordy, where there was little food and still they would cling to God. I don't know exactly how He worked the circumstances out because I was a child back then, but I do know that He was faithful. When we had no bread and my mom prayed for bread one time, my dad walked in after looking for a job all day with a sack of ends from jewish rye bread from a deli who made corned beef sandwiches and would pitch the ends into the garbage. They had never offered my dad the ends before, and they never did again, and my dad never said a word to them, but God knew and He cared.


My mother has said countless times as she remembers those years that the thing that God impressed on her heart was that He was not concerned about the circumstances in her life (He obviously had control of that), but her reaction to them was what He was watching. Simply put, it tested her trust and faith in Him.


Hard lessons to learn, but there is a maturity and depth in my parents spiritually...a wisdom perhaps, that would never have been gained if those storms in life had not rocked their foundation.


I'm just rambling here, but the point I'm trying to make is that although you may feel alone...although it may seem that others seem cold and harsh right now...although panic and fear keeps trying to creep in, He IS in control, He DOES love you and your family, He sees EVERYTHING that you are going through and even right now, when things seem their bleakest, He is working...working in ways we don't understand, working in ways where we hafta make a choice to trust Him or not. He loves you beyond comprehension, He loves your husband and your children, biological or not, and as much as you love those people in your family, He loves you and them more.


He will not abandon you, He will not forsake you, and He will never remove His hand of protection over your family...just hit your knees and lay your burdens at the foot of His throne, place it all into His hands. I don't necessarily know what His plans are, I don't know what doors He will close, and which others He will open, but I do know, without a shadow of a doubt that His eye is upon you and that your prayers and circumstances touch His heart.


I know I will be praying with you in earnest and I know that He is listening and moving in your life right now, as we *speak*.


I'm here if you ever need me.

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Even in the most dire straits, there ARE things you can do to help yourself- even if it's only in your head.

-when you call the mortgage company, once you get past 'english or spanish', instead of the other options, press zero, or double zero. In most systems that will take you directly to the operator. Be sure you are calling during operating hours so someone is there- if you are on the west coast and your mortgage company offices are on the east coast, you need to adjust when you call.

-send a letter TOMORROW by overnight mail and with the option that you get a returned signature stating that you are having some difficulties but you WANT to make arrangements- that shows in writing 'intent to pay'. Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

- does your mortgage have hardship insurance attached? It will say on the papers that you signed- it'll say something like 'credit life and disability insurance'. If you've been paying for this- USE IT- of course they won't remind you that you have it.

-if you work for a non-profit, they have a lawyer on retainer- all of them do. Use him/her.

-talk to your doctor- alot of times I have not had the money for my $90 meds and he's given me samples to take me through till I got paid.

-with 4 little kids and one working parent there ARE government agencies designed to help you live, eat and keep your home- AFDC is one of them. I think they are mainly about food, but they will direct you to others. We have friends who have 3 little kids and just dad works. They get food stamps, free medical, surplus food, and a few months ago when their fridge died they got a brand new free one. Just because the Christians in the area don't seem to care, doesn't mean there isn't help- people CAN be caring and helpful who are not church going Christians.

-how big is the farm? could you

a)sell a few acres to get things caught up or paid off?

b)offer to 'lease' a little bit of land for someone to set their mobile up on to get some steady income?


Think, Call, Go.

Beat the bushes till you find a bird or two.

I know it's hard honey- I've been there a few times as well.

Keep the Faith.

But keep swingin'.

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Blessedmom,, You have my prayers, Please if you have a united way organization in your community,, contact them, they will help you pay a mortgage payment and also utility payment, You can also go online and apply I believe...of course you would have to send them some documentation.

And do not feel ashamed to go and apply for food stamps or afdc.. afdc will give you a monthly check to buy like household supplies, shampoo etc. and they will give you medical insurance, if your vehicle tears up they will help.Go to your local department of human services and see what they have to offer.. Better yet get online rightnow and go to Department of human service in (your state) and they will tell all they have to offer, you can download and print an application, either mail it in or take it to your local dhs office and they will set you with an appointment...

Hope this helps some,, just remember your not alone...

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Gosh all, thank you for your prayers. We have been fighting this house thing for over a year. You see, we were suppose to get $1,000 a month in income from our old house...then the guy disappeared. After 3 years in the house we were going to refinance because it would cut our payments in half. Then the non-profit I work for started struggling financially. We do have a lawyer we can consult with but he ONLY does the non-profit business end. I can't use him for personal things.

The two girls get medical. Our oldest daughter will get medical for the rest of her life because she is on Social Security. When the adoption is finalized for the youngest, she will come under our insurance. Insurance is costing us over $600 a month, health insurance. We can't cancel it or I would never be covered again.

We make too much to qualify for food stamps and cash from welfare. However, we do get WIC for the littlest because the adoption is not complete.

We only have 3 acres of land. So there is no dividing or anything. I don't know where anyone would put anything on it though..just the way the land is set up. Plus we do foster care and anyone else that lives on our land we would have to have a background check, etc...etc.. It's something we have thought of though.

I do know how to do Html and write webpages, I am an expert at Quickbooks Non-profit, I can write grants..etc.. but I have been unable to pick up extra work. If I could find something to do at home that would be great. I need to make at least $800 a month in order to keep up on things.

We are very conservative and honestly all we pay right now:





groceries (about $80 a month as we have our own chickens, goats, etc.)

food for the livestock

we have a car payment that we are very close to paying off.

oh and telephone/cable for the internet..we just left Sprint a few months ago and now we are able to use packet8 for the phone over our cable connection. Because I work from home and we homeschool our children we need to have internet..we pay 29.99 for that.

I think that's it. We don't use credit cards at all.

Well then there is the medical bills..I don't even want to talk about those!

I know God is good and I used to believe He wouldn't let us lose our home...but now I think differently. I don't know what His plans are but it's going to be His plan and not mine.

Thanks for listening and for your prayers. I'm certainly open for suggestions. Dh has been trying to get a job in Washington state for 3 years. He works in Oregon and we pay more state tax than we do Federal..I'm so sick of it! Plus I really need him home. I'm trying to parent 4 children, three are special needs and can be very demanding all while I am so very ill.



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If you have broadband internet, check out primus lingo.com or vonage,,, it is broadband telephone, cost only $27.99 a month and you can call anywhere in the U.S. for that $27.99..that could be a real savings on your phone bill, especially long distance...also speak with your utilities company, ours will set you up on a budget plan, that you can pay the same amount every month..instead of never knowing what your payment would be...

As for United Way, this isn't the same as DHS,, it is a separate organization,and they will help with your payments regardless of your situation,as long as you can prove you do need the help.. Also check with the local churches to see if they have groceries for the needy.. A couple days out of the month, the churches takes donations from local stores, and if you need help with food they will let you come in and shop..worth checking out...the food is free...

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Another thought, if any of your property is fenced in, have you thought of renting out maybe an acre to someone to put a horse or two on..around here you see ads for that all the time,, someone needing a little piece of property to store their horse or a cow.. or even to grow them a garden.. people here in apartment complexes, if they don't have anywhere to grow a garden they will rent an acre or two to plant a garden..something to think about,, and wouldn't be as invasive as moving in a mobile home or something like that....wouldn't make as much either, but would be alittle to help....

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