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TEOTWAWKI Reality Check Test


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The scene is this:


!!!The world has gone crazy or at least your part of the world. For some time the rising oil prices have caused all transportation and heating costs to be almost unattainable for most people. (Does this sound familiar?) The stock market had been climbing by leaps and bounds but suddenly has cashed due to rumors of economic unrest and war around the globe.( Does this resemble what we've been hearing lately?) Even if you don't have interests in the stock market, you suddenly find your bank closed and your funds are unattainable. Businesses are folding daily and people out of work, perhaps even yourself or a loved one. The prices of gas, food, supplies, medicine and almost all goods have gone out of sight and what you can afford is now in scarce supply. On top of that, now the threat of avian Influenza has become a reality. People are falling ill by huge numbers, hospitals are overflowing, schools are closed, hungry rioters are starting to amass in the streets and now the electricity has gone off and you have just heard that it will not be on for many months to come, if at all. The National Guard has been called out but there are not enough of them to handle the chaos; Society, as we know it, has totally broken down!!!



I know this has been covered but worth repeating.


What will you do for birthdays and holidays when the stored gifts and etc. are all gone?



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First thank God that we are still alive!


Do something special. Whether it be singing, massage, games and maybe some sewing or knitting or crocheting an aphgan or something for that person.


Okay, who am I trying to kid, I am not a knitter or a crocheter or a sewer. So forget that.


Seriously I don't know just lots of love and whatever I can do to make the holiday or person feel special, if that is possible during times like these.


Failed this one, I think.

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One of the benefits of my being obsessive-compulsive, interested in everything, well-read, imaginative, highly skilled, multi-talented, crazy and spoiled rotten, *not bragging, I promise * is that I have a lot of stuff. and I know how to use it. Whatever I have that I don't know well, I have a book to teach me.


I probably have enough art & craft supplies to last 10 years or more, and that's a pretty conservative guess.

I can;

sew -machine

hand sew


embroider - although I hate handsewing of any kind, I can do it






make papier mache


knit- albeit not very well but I have at least a dozen books


some metalwork

make glue

make play dough

make candles

press leaves and flowers

make wine

design & create jewelry

braid rugs

I already have the materials and/or skills to do all of the above.


and if by some strange chance I ran out of all of my stuff, I'm a pretty good storyteller and a decent writer. I also sing.


I'd find a way to do something to mark the passage of time or celebrate our lives, if it was only to carve a name in the furniture! As long as I have breath in my body, I have the ability to make someone else happy.


This is such a scary world we live in, one has to become a renaissance woman/man just to get by. I work hard at learning everything I can, and learning it well. It can only be a plus, in my book.

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frosting for cakes is nothing more then sugar ground into powder and shortening. I have cake decorating tools and lots of food coloring. Candles are put away and can also be made should I run out.


Remember candles on a B-day cake are important to little ones. Once a kidlet is a teenager... they will understand if you made their candles that were numbers.


So I am able to make birthday cakes with frosting, decorated with fun colors and candles.


Why are gifts given on a birthday? kind of interesting how we got suckered into spending money! I will make dolls and clothing for little girls and fabric cars and trucks for boys also wooden blocks and lincoln logs. Crayons and coloring books and lots of paper!


Older children, jacks, marbles, jump rope, pick up sticks, leggos. Water colors, glue, glitter, lots and lots of paper.

Woodworking tools (hand operated); saws, drills, sandpaper and books with patterns to make things. An assortment of books to read, books for journals.


Puzzles, games, cards.. you know the usual.


after that they are grown-up they don't need presents.

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Just found this one, so here is what I would do.


I have been in a pickle before where we have not had money for gifts. What we have done is looked at the person and their needs. I have given hand made gifts, mostly knitted or crochet, but sometimes even sewed. ( I mostly can do maintenance sewing, not making things from scratch.) Also baked goods, and once I get the hang of it canned goods. Also if when I learn to make candles and soap, those would also be good gifts.


One we have been very fond of in our family have been home made gift certificates. These can be for everything from a hug to Offering to do chores or babysit for someone else. We have even given a later bedtime or pick the story that we will be reading. The best gifts always come from the heart and not the pocket anyway. By looking at the persons interests, you can personalize the gift. I have made jewlery out of string or beads, also we have given up an item that we had but the other person wanted such as a book. I know it will be tougher when all you can do is create something from what you have on hand, but there are ways. Nature always provides craft supplies if you are inventive and a gift of yourself always works for family and friends. I don't think in those circumstances, I would be giving a gift to anyone that isn't family or a friend, so something that is what I can do for them would work. For young kids, you almost have to have something that they can be given, and the gifts of your time works for older people. But even a young child may enjoy time spent just with you doing something they want to do. Even a walk without anyone sharing your time might work.

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I constantly check Clearance items and look for items that I could put up "just in case". So I have a "stash" in my attic of a variety of items not to mention TONS of craft items that can be used to make other things.


I like the homemade gift certificate idea. What about finding a few extra special pictures and putting into extra frames or changing them out with old frames and maybe decorating them up. Making special CD's.


For some reason this has been a concern of mine for this upcoming year. I've been picking things up for the kids to put up for Christmas this year....if it hits the fan my kids will still have something under the tree.

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We all draw names for the Christmas Eve party at Mom and Dad's. This year, my Son said that he wouldn't be there , as he has been out of work for more than 6 months and has no money for gifts.

Well, you can bet his old Mom reminded him what a great cook he is. He learned to make peanutbutter fudge from his Greatgrandma And his pie crust is outta this world, thanks to some very helpful hints from his Grandma Lois!!

Guess what the very lucky family members are getting for Christmas this year!! :feedme::woohoo:

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Well, when I was a kid there wasn't much money for gifts, stockings full of presents, etc. so we made things.

Cards from construction paper and old magazines; wrote plays, poems, and songs; whittled toys and spoons from tree branches; knitted new things from unraveled old things; made ornaments from seed pods, nut shells, scraps of this and that we scrounged; old socks became puppets; chunks of wood were building blocks; old newspapers soaked in water became papier mache that became many wondrous things ...


One year, when I badly needed clothing (and birthday presents) my mother created a dress from different fabrics; one was the puffy sleeves and collar, the second the bodice, and the third the skirt. Looking back on it now, I can see the look in her eyes - she was afraid I would know she did it from scraps and thought I would hate it. I loved it!!! I grabbed it with the cry "A princess dress!" hugged my mother, and ran to put it on. She made me several more that year and the next, and those scraps made dresses I remember fondly to this day.

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I have done it all from hand made gifts to gift certificates. I am currently unemployeed and living on what I have put up, so gifts are difficult. We have several birthdays and an annivesary this month. I have books I will pass on to the kids, but for my daughter and her husband I came up with a gift that shows how insane that I am. I volunteered to take all 7 kids for the night so that they can have a whole night without kids. It is the best gift I can think of. Even if they can't afford to do anything, they can still enjoy a house to themself. It is not something that a parent of that many kids rarely manages to get. My daughter was thrilled when I made the offer.


It goes to show that you do not always need money to give a great gift.

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