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Before the "official" holiday weekend I think we need a private party here. A pre party to get us in the mood to relax for a few days. We sure deserve it for all we do for our families and loved ones! Let's take a few days off from our normal cares and have a little bbq. I have already brought a big juicy blueberry pie, homemade slaw with my own freshly harvested cabbages, and a mess of smoked ribs. Doesn't it just make your mouth water? What can you bring for our gathering?


(Please no whipped cream or string canned cheese)

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Need some homemade baked beans to go with that. How about a big hunk of garlic bread too.


I make the best homemade lemonade, garnished with fresh lemon and lots of icecubes made with a sprig of mint leaves in the centre of each cube, so I'll bring a few jugs of that along. It's so refreshing. Doesn't that sound FANCY!


I heard the weather is going to be fantastic.

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ok- I make made from scratch with milk from our goats and eggs from our chickens triple fudge brownies that are called Lunamoms' Kick*ss Brownies (don't yell at ME, *I* didn't name them) The main batter has half a pound of butter,2 cups of sugar and 4 eggs. From there it gets BAD for you

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how about some grilled fruit? Fresh pineapple, pears, peaches. Some fresh strawberry shortcake with strawberries just ripe fromthe garden. Fresh whipped cream. Need to grill some veggies. Green and red peppers, onions, zukes, and whatever we can find. Some cold beer to wash it all down.

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I will bring a rainbow platter of fresh veggies! Ya know , those tiny grape tomatoes, broccoli,coliflower, strips of green peppers,carrots,,celery and some mushrooms. And of course some delectible ranch dipping sauce!






PSSSSST Cat~ Where did you say we could stash these cans of cheese?

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I'll bring my potato salad and some grilled bbq porksteaks.. Sliced fresh tomatoes, lime pickles, dill pickles, radishes (got em out of my garden last evening) and pickled beets... Oh and I'll bring along some hot rolls and fresh strawberry freezer jam!

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Hello, I'm new to this site. I'm a age experienced, prepping person with latent squirrel tendencies when I find bargains/sales. I live in the very western Pacific Northwest near the Canadian border w/ husband & two grown daughters& family's nearby. I am a long haul truck driver, I team w/husband, and we go all over the 48 & Canada with a KW & stepdeck trailer. We haul a great deal of oversize freight; & are usually gone 8 to 12 days at a time. I hesitated a while before joining, as My reply to posts may not be timely. But I so strongly believe in what this site stands for...I couldn't hold out any longer. I can't urge you'all to prep more strongly. The misery we see going coast to coast is staggering. I wish everyone a great Memorial day, I'm flying in the fresh oysters for the picnic. sincerely......

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Skagitgal, I'm so glad you decided to join and jump right in...it matters not that there will be times when work calls you away, we're just happy to have you a part of our online home here!

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