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Since I'm new to this whole prep thing I'm starting with first things first....water and toilet paper! Yesterday I got 2 gallons of drinking water and a 24-roll pack of t.p. I also bought 2 bottles hand sanitizer,a bottle each of generic Tylenol and Advil,5 lbs each of flour and sugar and a packet of yeast. Its a start.

It is a great start. I am so glad that you started. Do
keep us informed on your prepping. Please remember soda
bottles are great sources for storing water.
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Hmm, well, hon and I are making jerky tonight to have put away and right now the kitchen smells like a bakery as I have the third batch of what will be 20 lbs of granola made. That will get sealed and stored hopefully by the morning! (I keep having to smack hands away tho! )

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Dehydrated some more hamburger, which turned out great.

Got lots more to dehydrate. Received my dehydrating book today. Lots of ideas in it.

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Please share your recipe for granola.... I was looking for one a few days ago!!!!!
Thank you!!!

Check out the kitchen section, I'll post it there so I don't drag this off topic. Hope you enjoy it!
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1 twenty pound container of kid milk replacer (goat kids), for every one I use, I buy one to store. One 55 pound bag dog food.



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I have been hitting the garage sales. Have purchased 3 quilts, several pete containers, popcorn tins, 2 doz ball jars.


More OTC meds

soy sauce 1/2 gal

20# corn flour for tortillas

4 pasta salad

4 liquid smoke

4 pineapple chunks

4 man. oranges

fruit loops


pineapple juice

more matches

more lamp oil

20 more rolls paper towels

12 cans evaporated milk

2 cans eagle brand milk

powdered buttermilk (I'm using it all the time instead of fresh)

5 tomato soup

2 table cream

other things I cann't remember


My walkin closet is finally full, so I am dividing up my stores. Already had TP in bathrooms, now adding OTC meds, tootpaste, soap, anything used in bathroom stored there.


Utility room for paper towel, lamp oil, candles,washing powder.


Office cabinets for extra food.


Entry closet for cleaning supplies.


Bought wringer that clamps onto side of tub, appears to work good. figured could use five gallon bucket with plunger to wash clothes. Thinking about purchasing 1-2 #3 washtubs, ace hardware sells them here.


Don't remember if I posted here, purchased a three burner stove that a grill clamps onto, also ordered the griddle that also sits on top of the two burners. We have been at lake for 2 weeks and cooked on it every day. Breakfast on the griddle, used the grill for grilling and as oven, also cooked on the burners. Purchased at Lowe's would highly recomend as alternate cooking source.



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Don't remember if I posted here, purchased a three burner stove that a grill clamps onto, also ordered the griddle that also sits on top of the two burners. We have been at lake for 2 weeks and cooked on it every day. Breakfast on the griddle, used the grill for grilling and as oven, also cooked on the burners. Purchased at Lowe's would highly recomend as alternate cooking source.

I just saw that in Lowe's ad this morning, and I wondered if it was any good. Thanks for the review!
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I went grocery shopping today. We didn't get back until AK was already home from work, and after he helped unload and put away the stuff, he asked me if I was hungry when I got to the store. I said no, why would you ask?


I got a bunch of stuff, including;


12 evap milk

12 pork 'n beans

24 tuna

3 corned beef hash

3 sweet potatoes

12 peaches

3 cranberry sauce

12 mini ravioli & beefaroni

3 luncheon meat

3 southern style greens



6 graham crackers

2 lg powdered milk

3 yellow cake mix

3- 6 pks cup noodles

15 # asst. pasta

3# baking soda

1 lg goldfish crackers

2 - 15 ct microwave popcorn

1 - 10 pk capri sun

2 lg cereal

4 anti-viral kleenex


then there was;

4 squeeze relish

1 squeeze miracle whip

1 jar miracle whip

10 asst fruit spreads

2 gal white vinegar

3 hot sauce

3 ketchup

1 liquid smoke

1 sesame oil

1 cheese whiz

1/2 gal canola oil

4 pasta sauce

20 asst gravy & sauce mixes

6 BBQ sauce

1 - 3 1/2 lb. nestle's quick

7 lg bags of cereal

20# sugar

1 jar yeast

6 - 1/2 gal. asst juice

3 asst salad dressings

6# tilapia filets

8 lean cuisine meals

2# butter

18 pk eggs

3 bags pumpkin seeds

1 lg coffee creamer


I also got my vitamin order; rec'vd multi vitamins for the whole family, and some supplements, and cold & flu meds.


I think there was some other stuff but I'm not sure what it was and I'm beat. I gotta get some sleep...

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We went to Wal-Mart yesterday. My husband was looking at video's and music. Several times I asked if he was ready to leave, but he was still looking.....so....I looked too....and bought:




two big cans of nuts

cheeze and crackers



dixie cups

straws (flexible)...in case someone is sick these are easier

to use!


I tried to get masks...but once again they were out! Hmmmm.......I wonder why I never seem to be able to buy these at Wal-Mart anymore? I also wanted to get Lysol cleaner, but they don't seem to carry it anymore at Wal-Mart.

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The reason we are having so much trouble finding masks at walmart right now, is because it is house remodeling season and mowing season.. People who are allergic to certain chemicals in paints and allergic to grass pollen use these.. That is why they are hard to get right now....

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Quick trip to Wal-mart today:


double bag charcoal

2 qt. charcoal lighter

weed and feed

20# sugar

10# flour

2 lg cans coffee

2 lg cont. mayo

lg. laundry soap

gal. bleach

2 bleach for colors

lg. fabric softener refill

100 ct. daily vitamin

60 ct. vit B super complex

4 prs. GOOD socks for DBF

12 swiffer refills

lg box 30 gal. trash bags

24 pk TP

100 ct. flexi straws (use alot of these)


Then DS1 and I stopped at one of my favorite greenhouses. Can't remember everything. Will have to check and post a list tomarrow.

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Things have been pretty tight, money wise but I did manage to get some preps brought into the house. Actually my hubby did. Where he works, he has access to different types of pasta and cereals and other dry goods.

We just found out the the company will let their workers bring home small amounts of this food stuff. Well, last night Paul brought home 30 pounds of pasta. These are the long tubes, about an inch long. They are called Penne Rigate. We eat a lot of pasta and this will be a real life saver for us. We'll have a year's supply of pasta in no time. He's already going to look for spaghetti and elbow mac. I'm a happy camper.

Right now I am sitting here double bagging it and getting ready to freeze it.

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Got the wood delivered today, enough for two years

We're obsessed with wood here! We alread have this years
wood and we are working on next years wood supply.

Hubby and I came up with 9 cords of wood a year. This is
based on using it in the woodstove and fireplace, heating
the house without electricity. You never know what kind
of winter you'll have!

I am so jealous of your year's suppy! I feel like I'm
stuck in a rut with my 3 - 6 months. Good for you though!

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Grubby....9 cords of wood a year? Wow...you must live where it is really cold. We use probably just over 1 cord of wood a year to heat our house. 9 cords is a lot to buy. We just bought 4 cords and stacked them....that should get us through the next 3 years.

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you must live where it is really cold. 9 cords is a lot to buy.

I live in northern Kentucky. It can get pretty chilly here.

We don't buy our wood. We have different sources. My
hubby cuts 85% of our wood from our property. The rest
we get from my dad when he clears trees from his property.
My dad has been bringing us home some nice wood from the
university that he works at too. They have their own tree
service there and they call him when they are cutting down
large trees.

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I haven't been able to do much with food preps lately.


I had to fill some 2 lt. soda bottles so I figured today

would be a good day to do water inventory.


I have 176 2/liters and 16 Hawaiian Punch containers (1 gal. each)





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Today I just ordered 200 lbs of wheat berries, 50 lbs of cornmeal, 10 lbs whole egg powder and 5 lbs egg whites. I have wanted to place this order for a long long time. I finally just got to a place where I couldn't justify not getting it now. I will pay it off in 2 months and the peace of mind I feel is wonderful. I know I will need a lot more, but this is really filling a big hole in my preps! I have plenty of flour, but it is hard to store large quantaties of flour without it going bad. This will lengthen the rotation time a lot since it is in sealed buckets

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I went to a bunch of yard sales today and boy am I excited!


I got:


Porta Potty for $5.00 (the kind that sell for $60.00) it came with 3 1/2 rolls of TP and lots of the blue chemicals. I think they only used it once or twice.


Pampered Chef stoneware 4 mini loaf pan for $1.00 (these sell for $30.00)


25 canning jars (without lids) for .25 cents for all


I bought a couple things of speciality yarn stuff that I thought my Grandma would use......the lady told me to come see her on Monday and she will GIVE me a huge bag of all the stuff for either my Grandma or my church (we have a ladies group that makes things for Sr. Citizens and a place to help ladies keep their babies).


I got a bunch, bunch, bunch of cookbooks, gardening books, etc.


Wow......what a fun day! Yard Sales can be so addicting!





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