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Are you a SAFE driver?

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I think that KNOWING how to be a good driver is very important, but PRACTICING good driving is even more so.


Have never had a ticket, slid into the ditch once on ice, was the recipient of one accident (kid turned left into the driver's side of my car, cuz he couldn't see around another vehicle-DUH!), and have never wrecked a vehicle. And, YES, I am proud of that.


Wish I could say the same for my kids.



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Michael got a 95 (missed #9) and Lori got a 90 .

And there were no questions on Buggies?


So funny when I came to the Yellow triangle sign on the test I said BUGGY! And then later Lori took the test and came to the sign and said "the Buggy sign" . . . How Amish are we?


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I am not even going to think about it - I am mostly ok with our state traffic laws but yours!!


Let me see I will start on the left side of the road, use the right hand to indicate and lights, left for washers. When entering an intersection I will give way to traffic on the right only, roundabouts are to be entered in a clockwise direction. I think about now the rest of you should be all diving for cover - that is if you think off the road is any safer than on the road!


I think I am a safe driver, more than 20 years driving, no tickets ever! and only accidents I have been the victim as the other drivers have been at fault.


So by default I must have a high score!!!



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I got a hundred percent on it but agonized over when the road was most slippery. That was a guess.


It's been a LONG time since I took a driving test.



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