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Anyone orderd from herbalcom?

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Just wondering if anyone has orderd from herbalcom.com before? And could let me know how they liked the service/product. The prices seem really great, even to order from Can. A friend was going to place an order and said there online security sertificate was unverifyable. Don't want to spend money for nothing...


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The store that herbal.com actually sells the herbs through is called Mountain Rose Herbs. They have a store entrance through herbal.com and also their own store entrance at mountainroseherbs.com/ They have their own security certificate listed there also, which might be why the confusion with the security certificates? Anyway, I have ordered lots of herbs from Mountain Rose and have always been happy with them. I like their bulk ordering discounts. You can mix & match stuff (at 1 lb each) but, if you order a minimum of 5 lbs, you get a 10% discount with higher discounts for higher weight orders.

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Honeybee, Herbal.com

is a different site then the one Kim is asking about. It's called HERBALCOM.COM and is on the other side of the country from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is here in Oregon, by the way.


I have ordered many times from herbalcom.com, and not had a single problem. The products are great, the shipping is super fast, and they only charge $5.25 for handling, no matter how much you order. There is no shipping charge at all!


I've only ordered once from Mountain Rose Herbs... their prices are much higher, and their shipping and handling rates are too high, in my opinion. I live just a few hours away from them, and they charged almost $10.00 to ship 2 packages of empty tea bags! That was even for standard shipping... I won't order from them again, that's for sure.


Check out Herbalcom.com from the link above. I think you'll like their prices much better! Even a 10% discount can't beat them.


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I'll be placing my first order with HerbalCom in a couple weeks. Next year I'll be growing most of my own medicinal herbs (and I have a few already). The prices are incredible!

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