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My roof is leaking...

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I need some help fast...


Long story short, without all the interesting details, my roof is leaking through my ceiling in my familyroom/kitchen. The leak is from the solar panels I had up on the flat roof for the pool in the hurricane last fall. There is a huge weather system down in the Carribbean heading my way and it's only supposed to be sunny 1 day this next week. I was waiting for the roof to dry out this week from rain earlier in the week so that I could go up there with tar and tar the areas where the solar panels usta be, but it poured down today and my ceiling is leaking again.


I need something simple that will work and be effective to protect my flat roof for the next month or so until I can get the roofers to replace the roof. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Remember, I'm a girly girl with soft hands who has no prior roof experience, but I have alot of common sense and a determination to make SOMEthing happen...I have 2 strong boys will will accompany me onto the flatroof so I have some muscle to throw around.


Lemme know if anyone knows what I can do.



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This may work for you until it can get done right.

Go to your lumber yard or home centers like Lowes or Home Depot if you have any near by. Tell them what your problem is and see if they have this? Or something like it that would work?

Up here it is called "rolled roofing”?

It is a roll of tar paper with roofing gravel on the top and sticky on the bottom. You peel off the blue plastic from under it and roll it out and just stick it down. Comes in about 3 feet wide and 25 feet long. You can cut it with a utility knife (buy one). This will get you by but I don't know if it will get you though the year?

Good Luck ! You and the boys can do this!


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the leaks are around the areas where the solar panels were attached to the roof, that got ripped up during the hurricane.


I'm going to home depot now, wish me luck.



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Darlene, hate to be the bearer of bad news,, but please hurry and get your leak fixed,, first storm of the season brewing,, may not get as far south in Florida as you are,, but you will more than likely get a lot of backlash off of it.. So be careful and hurry with your repair....

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