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Oh mamacat, I took Countryside for years and years but finally let my subscription run out. For 15 years now I've had 3 great penpals I got from that magazine. New York, Illinois and Canada. Actually, I met Erica face to face in her home in New York last summer. What fun!



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I have taken the Countryside Magazine for years (and years and years) and have a ton of back issues that I plow through regularly along with the tons of back issues of The Mother Earth News. There's also Backwoods Home Magazine and Backhome Magazine, both great. These aren't preparation or survival magazines as such. They are about sustainability more than anything.


Check them out at:






I was a "back to the lander" long before it was popular to be one and then long after it was popular and then still when it was popular AGAIN to be one and well you get the idea...



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I let my subscription run out! But since this post I ordered it again! My hubby and I fight over it when it comes in the mail! I usually win, unless he runs to the bathroom with it!

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