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I finally got to spend a little more time on here, so I was searching for the post about my Mom, when I found this note. My Mom is hanging in there, today is her 86th birthday. Not only is she still losing weight, that she can't afford to lose, but she doesn't want to drink and keeps getting dehydrated. One of the daughters has dropped her share of the duties and so the rest of us are doing a little more to help out. She now has something called Menier Disease. They want us to increase her salt intake and that causes her to retain water...which apparently is the cause of the extra fluid in her ear which makes her dizzy and sick to her tummy. And the world goes round and round.


The Lord did bless us with a really nice "cheap" hospital bed for her. We were thinking of all the kids chipping in because the cheapest new one we could find was $1,000. I found one at the local rescue mission for just under $80.00. Praise the Lord!!! She says that her back isn't hurting her nearly so much since she has been sleeping in the hospital bed.


The only computer (a laptop) at my Mom's is on a dial up modem and it takes forever to get anything done and I don't have much time to use it when I'm there anyway. It's my sil and sometimes when she gets a day off she takes it with her so she can catch up on everything that she needs to get done.


Everything else on the homefront is going fairly well. My daughter has a new job and loves it...even though she is working 60+ hours a week. The boys will both be out of school by tommorrow and then Summer begins with the camps and the swimming, etc.


I have really missed you guys and coming here to catch up on everything. (I belong to 3 survival sites and I hardly make it through the first one down there.) This is my number 2 site...ranked according to how I found them. I haven't made it to number 3 yet, but maybe tommorrow.


I am going down now 1 day a week probably Wednesdays or Thursday and every other weekend when the boys go to Dad's, so I should be able to get caught up since I won't be doing any teaching, except quitar lessons until fall.


Thanks for all the prayers and I just wanted you all to know that you have been in my prayers too. God Bless, Kat


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UPDATE: I just spend the weekend with my Mom and she can hardly get out of bed. I had to have my daughter come and help me on Sunday and in the afternoon she was a little better. We got her to eat about a cup of bean soup and a hot dog and a couple bites of a donut (really good for her). Even though it was sort of rainy, she did go out on her front porch to watch her beloved hummingbirds..she had ten at one time at her feeder and enjoys watching them so much.


We were having trouble with her doctor trying to force her into a nursing home and my daughter finally got through to him. She told him that she worked in one and that she had to take sometimes take care of as many as 30 patients at one time and that being at home with sometimes 2 or 3 of us that my Mom was getting much better care and that we are keeping a record of her vitals (blood pressure, pulse and temperature) that is just as acurate as any she had kept at work. That we could make her just whatever she wants to eat and that doesn't happen in a home. She also informed him that the only way that Mom will go to a home is if she is in need of medical equipment or medical care that cannot be performed in the home. And unless that is the case, that it was our desire as well as Mom's, that he no longer talk about nursing home care. Seems that she got through to him, finally.


The month long camping trip is on hold so that I can be on call for Mom...there will be time for that later.


She had a depressing episode about being a burden for us...and on the way down the radio was playing "He ain't heavy, he's my brother." So, we had a good talk about that song when I got there and she was so happy that we could express just what a pleasure and joy it is to care for her. What it is allowing us to teach our children about love and caring for others. And finally, how it is our way of paying back just a little of all that she has done for us.

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Tommorrow they are moving my Mom to a nursing home...and I am so depressed because I promised her that she wouldn't have to go there. They want her to go there do get therapy 5 times a week...and if she gets any better then she can come back home. She isn't eating anything and isn't drinking, so she's dehydrated and they can't find a vein for the IV. I know she's ready to go to heaven, but I'm not sure I'm ready to see her go. She missed her husband and feels so alone, it's like she's starving herself to death and there is nothing that I can do about it. Please pray for us to have strength and that the Lord's will for her life will be completed. Thanks.

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(((((Phatkat))))), sometimes even though, you don'twant to send someone to a nursing home,, it can end up being the best thing for them.. I didn't want my mother sent to one, but the therapy and medications etc, was just way to overwhelming to be done at home, so we put her in one..she did well while in the nursing home, but when we brought her home, she would get worse... she was more comfortable knowing if she had a medical emergency in the middle of the night, the doctors and nurses were right there.. At first we didn't understand it,, but then sat back and thought about.. now there are times I wonder if maybe if I had place my dh in one,,maybe he would still be with us,, he also starved himself to death.. It isn't easy to watch.It has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to witness in my life,,,

If they can't find a vein, to place tubing in for her feedings, they can go through her side... so check that out, if she is willing to be tube fed...

This is a hard call to make, and there will be feelings of sadness and feelings of guilt,, just remember,your doing all you can do, the one thing she needs from you now,, Is for you to be there with her, and let her know that she is loved , and not a burden.....

We are all here for you,, we love you and will be praying...

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I Know how you feel my Dad it in rough shape as well.

I wish you and yours the best. Hopefully she will get better. My Dad got really really bad once started asking

people if he could die. It took a long time but he recovered some so he does not want to go anymore.

But it was scary. HOPE your Mom gets better.

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Hi Everyone and thanks so much for the prayers...it has been a rough couple of days and my Mom has lost another 5#s, but today, PTL, she asked for something to eat...we could hardly believe our ears. She never wants to eat, but today she did and she ate an entire sandwich, some crackers, a couple of cookies and her supper. The doctor started her on something to increase her appetite and told us it would take about a week, today's a week.

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