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Tis Time To Time Travel... TaTa for a Bit

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Well.... that time of year has come once again. Time to pack up the dragon Stanley (who spends his winters shapeshifted into a large red beater van) and his younger brother Lexx and head out to the Middle Ages. I'll be wenching it to the hilt and wineing all night ( but ABSOLUTLY no whining ) for the next two weeks and I wanted to say bye bye for now. Hon and I's annual foray into madness as we camp out at a Medieval/Fantasy campout with about 1000 of our closest friends. The Romans will be there, as will the elves. And the dratted goblins! (Taste like chicken, don't you know.)


Its funny, I've spent the last three weeks frantically sewing, hon has been building the furniture and getting our tent (a 350 square foot geo dome. We don't believe in camping light for two weeks) ready, and something has occurred to me. Other than my friends here on Mrssurvival... the people I'm heading out to spend my vaction with are the most likly to be prepared for if/when

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Last post before I head to bed to get an early start tommorrow. As for stories and pics? Well, as I don't fight (yup sometimes as many as 300 on the field at a time all bashing away with boffer - ie marine foam padded but they still sting like the dickens! - sowrds and bows and arrows) I have been asked to break out my new trusty digital camera and photo journal the whole event. Hon is even bringing a solar powered system that will power his computer so I can store more pics. I'll be sure to share. Well... the ones that ar upright. Several friends and I do "the bardic thing" while camping and greatful listeners pay us in drink. I have a feeling I might end up with some interesting angles in my photos! (Homemade mead... sweet, goes down smooth as milk... and kicks like an angry elephant!)

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Nearest I get to time travel is to microwave instant coffee.

coffee? not tea... coffee? are you like a closet coffee drinker? how can you face your fellow Brits? coffee? coffee..... coffee.... coffee... not tea.. and instant coffee at that... coffee?
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Home at last home at last thank God almighty I'm home at last!


Not much to report right now (my vision is blurry, my feet hurt, and I have taken three baths in the last two hours and my feet STILL aren't coming clean!) but I wanted to drop a line and say I'm back, safe and sound. A few pics... maybe. But my camera got swiped (along with my cell phone ) so we'll have to see.


It was..... shall we say..... interesting?


Going to go drape my body over a REAL bed for a few hours. Ta-ta for tonight!

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