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It's the group excursions to Victoria's Secret for lingerie that make me giggle...


"OK, Princesses, all together... stay in line... No, black lace does *nothing* for your feathers... try this rose..."






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about now Princess is up to her ankles in chicken poo! rumor has it she has another composter as she filled the first one! oh my! and she is talking 50 more chicks?

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Ok, y'all are so busted! lol


I've been swamped here at home, between birthdays for the girls, getting the house and yard ready, dealing with my princesses and the *ugly ones*...lol


Every day when I hafta feed the ugly ones, all I can think about is how ugly they are and how I'll have no problem going *WHACK*... So we'll see...lol


The princesses on the other hand are really getting big. I found an outdoor shed at sears that I think I'm gonna buy for their coop. I mean, this isn't something you just go buy and put anywhere...I hafta work out landscaping plans...where to plant the flowers around it, how best to disguise it in my back yard lol.





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