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First time canners

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My thoughts are to look at my cupboard and at the things I presently buy in cans, such as soup, beetroot, corn, salsa, spaghetti sauce and fruit. So to start I want to be able to can those things and reduce how much I purchase that is already prepared. For me, first off will probably be soup, seeing as how we are coming into winter, hopefully followed by beetroot. Then the adventure will begin as I want to can meat.


My DH was a cheesemaker, so I have a feeling he will be beside me every step of the way!



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Ok Ok,


It has been over 20 years since he stopped making cheese. He was making amercian style cottage cheese,(was sent to Utah to learn how) but has an understanding of other types of cheese making (Had to study others to get his certificate) He also was a qualified milk grader. Boy that was a while ago.


Any questions and I am sure he would answer if he can - he is out at the moment but I will check when he gets home.



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That put a smile on his face! He would love to try and explain, so his mission for the day and he chose to accept it - is to put together something about making cottage cheese. And as I am going out now, and he has committments this afternoon, it could be a couple of days before I can add any information. So be patient and he will work on it when he can


Sue (and Mr Sue (aka Dave))

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Guest Guest

Mr. Dave


surely you have heard the song 'a boy named sue'? no?

words and free download... http://www.leoslyrics.com/listlyrics.php?hid=R8Q7Bb9bR6I%3D


Dave I love cottage cheese! and would dearly love to learn to make it. The nice thing is I have all the milk I need to play with and the mistakes.. my dogs and chickens will be so happy and fat!


since the site is moving and will be down this weekend... your homework assignment should you decide to take it... LOL! cottage cheese class! and I am all eyes!


seriously thank you and no hurry.

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