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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - MrsSurvival is moving!

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I wanted to let everyone know that MrsSurvival will be moving to new servers. We've been with one particular company for a few years now, and their service has kinda gone down the tubes and the servers have become antiquated, which is the main part of the problem that we sometimes have with our site.


I was able to find a much better and much more affordable server that will be faster and more consistant, so we're going to be moving MrsSurvival to her new location.


Now I am not a technical person (I"m just the mouth around here ) but from what I understand is that when the site is moved, it takes up to 24-72 hours for the new address to make its way around the world. There may be a time where people in Australia might be able to get back onto our site before people on the east coast of the United States, or England might be able to get back on the site before the Orient, etc.


I just want to let everyone know that we're planning this in the very near future, maybe even this weekend. Once I know the exact date and time, I'll let y'all know. Right now we're looking into all that hasta be done and then we'll be able to know for sure when to make the transfer.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and if you have any questions while the site is down when we move, you're welcome to email me at babeshades@yahoo.com, or send me an im on yahoo messenger...my id there is babeshades.


MountainMommy, who built the site as we all enjoy it today has been kind enough to do this work for us, so keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer that everything will go smoothly.


I'll keep y'all posted.

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hey we have some extra boxes sitting around?

so we can help pack up a few things for the move.

This is going to be so much fun.............

New paint for all the walls in the rooms and bigger rooms too I hope? Lori is baking her best cookies for all the workers and Michael is looking into getting a few watermelons for the break...............

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This is also a great time to give a homework assignment!


We are going to be doing a cookbook, tips, tricks and general anything that needs puttin' in book! come back with recipes!


Or spend the weekend canning! or clean your pantry, do an inventory! anything to help pass the time!


and then... come back with something in hand or an essay on what you did while going through withdrawals.



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same URL as you use now. That doesn't change. (numbers behind Mrs. Survival changes)


Hey Darlene.. if you give us the numerical numbers could we get in as soon as it is changed and u/l?

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I'll do backups, but it sure doesn't hurt to save things that are important. I'll be working on it this weekend, but I'm still not sure exactly when the actual disruption will occur. As I get closer, I'll post on the Sunporch.


Pixie, if you read this, you make beautiful sigs

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Just an update...


I don't know when we're moving the site YET...but as soon as we know we'll be posting it here and sending it out through email (so make sure you have your MrsSurvival message board email permissions ON), and of course, if you can't get into the site at all, then you'll know that we've moved for sure...

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