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I started by during Y2k, and had a very good stash, but of course things happen that are unplanned and have to hit my stock a couple of times, so things have dwindled down,,but at least my rotation of food items is up to date..LOL I try to do any where from $25-$100 per month,, but money has been really slow lately, now that I am living off of survivor benefits and not able to work until kids get back in school.. but did have the extra opportunity this month, with careful planning and getting the electric bill way down the past two months,, with what I have saved on the electric bill is what I put back to use for the weeks preps....

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What a blessing to hear that you are getting survivor benefits. I was kind of concerned about that. I don't think my mom has even thought about applying for my dad's social security, I'll have to look into that for her to see if she can.


I'm going to start a new thread for "how, when and why did you start prepping" to answer Kaye's questions. Yes, Kaye, you've done great for just a few weeks, that is a wonderful start. Every little bit helps!


Mommy of Six

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Today my dh and I went and picked blackberries at a U-Pick place. We brought them home and I canned 10 jars of blackberry preserves, and made a blackberry crisp! Of course we ate some too!

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Wow HappyValley - what a great deal on the canner, congrats!!


My prep purchases this week were:

50 lb bag of rolled grain mix for making cereals and granola.

25 lb bag of Germade (from Lehi company), it's like Cream of Wheat

2 25 lb bags of table salt from Costco

#10 can of apple slices

#10 can of Morning Moo chocolate drink mix

#10 can of Whipped topping mix

3 l.5 lb bags of gravy mixes (peppered biscuit, chicken and old fashioned mix)

case of mushroom pieces/stems

case of egg noodles

case of spaghetti noodles

bags of dehydrated scalloped potatoes, diced potatoes and augratin potatoes

4 tubes of toothpaste

36 rolls of tp

and I think that about does it


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I've been putting away zucchini as fast as I can get it out of the garden.

Today we went to a swap to sell some animals. We needed money for gas for the vehicles this week. While there, I did pick up two brand new kerosine lanterns for $2 each.


So far, that's about it for now. I sure hope things turn around for us soon.

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I went to town today and bought a bath canner. Couldn't find my old one, and of course none of my kids own up to borrowing it! Also added a few more items to my boxes:


2 pks Ramen Noodles

1 can Chili

1 can Yams

1 can spagetti/meatballs

1 can spagetti sauce

1 box chocolate pudding

1 big box raisins

1 big box elbow macroni

1 box rice

2 cans cat food

1 lg bottle alcohol

1 lg bottle peroxide

1 tube antibiotic ointment

2 toothbrushes


Still drying and freezing cabbage. I feel better with each new thing I add to my preps. The thoughts of not having anything at all now terrifies me! Wouldn't it be great if everyone in the world that was in the position to prep actually did it?



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Bought more canning jars, bought an egg slicer to uniformily slice bananas for dehydrating, plans to dehydrate some more hamburger meat...soon as we eat enough stuff in 'frig. so I can defrost it,LOL. Had plans to make the banana jam but having trouble finding the pectin it calls for. So, plans to implement plans. LOL.

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Made over 20 containers of freezer jam (3 of which have been given away, 1 has been eaten already!).


Canned 28 jars of smoked salmon, so I got 14 of those (for me using my propane and my pressure cooker, John caught them, killed them, smoked them, and packed them). I think I'll keep 4 jars out and stash the other 10.

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