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Finally Friday


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Hi LS. Glad to hear things are going well at work.


It's been a very grulling tiresome week for me. Got through it though.


Weather is cool but Sunny. Kds are almost out of school so I'm trying to figure out how I am going to survive the Summer with them all together. One is going to Summer camp, and hopefully the other will be working. He goes for his interview today. Crossing my fingers. Will be funny if he gets the job as him and I will have started working the same month and year. After many years of me being away from the work force. I will be only casual but that is GOOD enough for me.


Well, have a good one everyone. Few things going on in the world to keep our eyes on right now...I hope and pray for NO surprises!


God Bless.

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Good morning LS and everyone else. Today looks like another sunny day here. Guess it's another day to try to clean up the little yard. It's usually my payday today for babysitting Summer, but last Sunday her dad got in a dirtbike accident (his friend ran him over!

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WELL GLORY BEE,,,, I THOUGHT THE SITE WAS ALREADY DOWN FOR THE MOVE... I tried several times this morning to get on and it would not come up for nothing... But at least not being on here all day, has kept me busy in the house....


The kids and I walked up the hill, they wanted to watch the landlord move a new mobile home in here... well we watched,, after that I sure could have used a good long cold beer..(not).. nerve racking... the mobile home was way too long(longer than estimated) and wouldn't make it into the drive way, so they had to disconnect it from the truck that hauled it in,and use a bull dozer to pull it in.. then they had to take it down a hill backwards (barely missing two vehicles) and then pull into the space for it...

and was trying to get everything set up before the bad weather set in... The kids loved it and had a blast watching.. But I saw that thing tilt, and thought it was going to flip over,, and all I could see was Old BUCK, and that dozer going with it.....bless their hearts there about 12 men trying to move this thing in,,they ended up having to park a mack dump truck, the truck that hauled the home in here, a backhoe and trailer, bobcat all in my drive way.. Allen asked me, he said Ihope you ain't going nowhere right now, cause if you are tough s***... I started laughing,, I said you know if I decide I want to go anywhere, I would just pull my little ole pontiac out of the garage and drive right through the yards,,didn't make any difference to me.. He cracked up..because he knows I would,, done it before...LOL


Just wait until he comes down and sees what I've done to this trailer,, he might get mad,, but... too bad.. I have lived here 6 years, the carpeting in here is at least 12 years old (or more), rotten, it has tears everywhere just from rot.. I have steamed cleaned all I can, If I do it again, it would probably just leave bald spots.... and it smells awful,, so last night about 10:00 pm, I got fed up looking at the nasty carpet,, I pulled every bit of my furniture out of the room, and pulled carpet and padding up,, it now sits on my front porch... I had just bought a couple of berber area rugs,the big ones.. so I just laid these on the floor until either he or I can replace the carpeting.. he is supposed to start doing some repairs on this place within the next couple weeks..I have to have a new kitchen floor, it is about to fall in.. plus new tile, and carpet through out the house. he is going to finish residing the place all so.....alot of work coming up, but at least I saved him a days work, by preparing the living room floor for him....


Had some really severe storms here this afternoon, some flooding reported and a lot of power outages,, but luckily all my little corner had was some heavy downpours and thunder....

Well everyone have anice day, and be careful in these storms....

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Hi Everyone


It has been a busy week and now I am going to have a relaxed weekend before things start again.


I have one load of and one in the machine. Our visitor left about 9am this morning heading about 8 hours north west from here. So now it is catch up on the posts - do the ironing, and maybe some sewing.


Take care



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