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Update on my son

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My son Alex is in Iraq for 18 months. He called last Sunday and I got to talk to him. He was happy and telling me funny little stories to let me know he is alright, but his voice sounded mmmmmmmm strange? Like something was wrong. When he said he had to go, I told him I loved him very much and was very proud of him as always and that that would never change. The phone went quiet then he asked to speak to my husband. He talked to him for about 15 minutes. Alex had to kill someone last week for the first time. An Iraqi made it inside the compound with a gun, Alex was on guard duty. Alex came around one end of a building and the man came around the other end. The man shot at Alex 3 times but missed ( thank you Lord) and scared Alex so bad his finger stuck on the triger shooting the man. They picked up 100 bullet shells from Alex's gun. He's very upset, and mentally keeps thinking "Thou Shall Not Kill", Ray told him to take advantage of the psychiatric doctors they have there for that purpose and he finally agreed to do so. So for now my son is still safe and alive in Iraq. He just hasn't called home this week.

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(((((((((((((((((((Karen, Alex, & Ray)))))))))))))))



He really *needs* to get that counseling. What he's going through is very common and must be dealt with.


I hope he never has to go through it again, but he did the right thing.



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Karen, I'm so glad your son is ok.


I agree with Cat, next time you talk to him let him know that if he needs the help of the drs. there, it is ok.


This had to be a shock to him and I will continue to


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So glad for you to have peace of mind knowing he’s alright. 12 days is a long time with no news. Thanking God for his protection of Alex when Iraqi came into compound. As snowmom said your son probably saved many lives.


Keeping you and all the troops in my heart and

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