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My princesses are being threatened...

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I was out running errands yesterday when my youngest daughter called me...


She said that some man from the city I live in came to the house to say a complaint has been lodged against me about my chickens and asked her if we had chickens...she told him yes. at the thought of having to get rid of my chickens, I'm already making plans to call the ACLU and whatever else I can think of to do to gain the right to securely have my ladies...


Any ideas?

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Scroll down. Westy has info on lots of laws in cities and Miami is one of them. Maybe she can tell you where she got the info. Never mind, I found it here.



Looks like some great info in The City Chicken sit too.



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Did I give you this already?

Chapter 5, article 1 of the code. Looks like Sec. 33-200 or 33-226 might apply but the latter is concerning a one acre plot.


Got to go can cherries. Good luck.



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This burns me! As long as your chickens don't go into other people's yards, what's the big deal? (And what's the big deal even if they do? Our neighbors had free range chickens when I was living at home and there was a hen that would come into our yard and lay an egg in an old wringer washer Mom had outside. Mom loved it! She got a free egg almost every day!)


This is one reason I would never live inside city limits. But then I already have my rural property, and always have. I know some people have no choice.


I own chickens and only let them out an hour before dark during garden season. If my neighbors owned them and let them roam into my garden and destroy it, then I'd be upset. But I'd just ask them to do something about it..not report them. I think everyone should own a few chickens if they have any land at all. So many people are going to be unprepared if something happens.


I live in a rural area and it amazes me how many people around here don't own chickens or grow a garden. A lot do, but most do not. They live in the country without the zoning laws and have the land, so why do they not have these things?


Good luck. I hope you don't have to get rid of your princesses!

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Well, ya gotta remember that the only source of Bird Flu most people (the uninformed) hear about in nightly newscasts is in the chicken population of the poor countries.


Some poor neighbor probably thinks Dar's chickens are a health risk for Bird Flu.



And if city people had chickens, Kaye, they'd be *PETS*, not potential food.

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Nah, this has nothing to do with the bird flu...it has everything to do with the suburbs and the lofty opinion and expectations others have of living in a particular area.


Not to worry, I'm gonna start chopping the ugly ones and hiding the ladies...that's always been Plan A, and will continue to be Plan A for the next week or two...after that, I have some vague ideas for Plan B's and C's to try to keep my ladies...even if I hafta go down to just a few and keep them on my patio.


I'll pray and see what happens.

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What are you going to do about the noise? When they

start to lay eggs they start to cackle! I can hear

my neighbors chickens but I don't see them and he

lives a good distance away from us.


I'm only trying to help you with your plans.




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Yes....even the girls make noise,at least mine do. They can cause quite a stir when spotting the neighbor's cat. But possibly Darlene's princesses are too lady like to cackle and her castle walls to high for any neighbor cat to sail over.

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Quick, get them into the princess boot camp and teach them to sound refined.......No self respecting princess would make unsavory noises. If that doesn't work, play music in the hen house to cover the cackle and to sooth the ladies into laying well.



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WAIT JUST ONE COTTON PICKING MINUTE!!!!!! THEY are telling you, you can't have chickens in your area,,, but yet there are Killer attack ducks running around chasing the people of the neighborhood,,, namely DARLENE!!!!! YOU MAY HAVE A LOOPHOLE, TO KEEP THOSE LOVLIES AND UGLIES YET.......

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I'm still thinking this all through...when I put my mind to something, if I can't move the mountain, I either climb it, go around it, smack it or blow it up.


I have some loose ideas rolling around in my head...for now the ladies stay. I'm sure I'm gonna hafta play it by ear as they grow up and start laying to know exactly what I'm gonna hafta deal with. Plan A was a bust so there's always Plan B, C, D and so on.


I need to go get the shed to house the ladies in that first...yes, of course, it'll have a drawbridge and a moat. The crowns that Mother lovingly made for them just about fit so I'll hafta parade them around soon. Maybe I'll buy leashes for them all and take them on walk, really give the neighbors something to beach about.


I think I might start chopping some heads tomorrow...this should be interesting.



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