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Letting y'all down!

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I'm so sorry I haven't finished the food storage part that I have taken on for the manual. Life keeps getting in the way! Pray that I find the time and energy to get it done very, very soon! I want to work on it in the evenings but by the time the kids are all asleep I'm exhausted so for the next couple of days I'm going to plug away at it at nap times and in the early mornings. So I won't be chatting here for a little while but typing, typing, typing!


Please forgive me for the delay!

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Bookworm, don't feel bad! I haven't finished my Wilderness Survival section either, never mind actually moderating this place and editing the submissions...



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Even though it is difficult for me to post because of computer issues, I do feel the need to say I KNOW members

are trying very hard to get their parts for the manual completed. I just really appreciate the time everyone has

given to the manual.


Real Life sometimes justs gets in the way. BTW, I am not

finished with my part either.



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ROFL @ Tea!!!!!!


Oh, I love ya chica!!!!! lololol


"Don't put off for tomorrow, that which you can do today??????"




Why NOT put off for tomorrow that which I don't wanna, or don't have time to do today!


That's MY motto! It might get me into trouble now and again, but hey! Who's counting?


(did I just write what I think I just wrote?)


*darlene slaps her right hand cause that's the hand that always hits enter when she types something...*



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it is very hard to get much done when the children are out of school. It is a time when I want to spend time with the kids, take them to the show, shopping, beach and just generally enjoy them.


so you didn't let me down! children are far more imprortant.. and the being tired??? well ... yeah!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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