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Vacuuming Small Jars With Foodsaver

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I was reading that you could put spices,etc. in small jars and then put the jar,with lid, into your foodsaver cannister...you know, the one that comes with your foodsaver or you can purchase seperately, the plastic one with the knob on the lid....anyhow, you can put the jar with lid into the cannister, vacuum the canister, then push the button on top of the cannister and as the air releases it vacuum packs the jar lid on the small jar.


I haven't tried this yet, but was wondering if any of you have? Supposed to be able to vacuum any jar that has the seal on the lid. This would be great for small amounts of spices.

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Interesting! I vac sealed bags of spices using my foodsaver, and I have the qt jar accessory attachment and have vac sealed with it, but never thought of vac sealing little jars! I bet it would work and you could reuse baby food jars that way to seal small jars of spices!

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Haven't tried it yet. Gonna get around to it. Also read if you store dry ingredients in Mason jars instead of taking off the flat, punch a hole in the center of it with an ice pick, pour out what you want to use from the jar, put a piece of scotch tape over the hole and then revacuum. Next time you want to use some of the ingredient in the jar, pull up the tape, pour out ingredient , then retape and revacuum. Keeps you from having to keep replacing the flats with new ones each time you open the jar. Supposed to work.

Gotta try that, too, and see.

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