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Hi, Safety Lady could not log on and just disappeared. I am now Safety Lady 2. I had over 200 posts and they all are under Safety Lady. I am not a new member but a frustrated member. HELP Something happened to the internet about 3 weeks ago. I lost lots of information. Don't know what happened. Emailed webmaster a couple of times but no response. I am back, I am alive and I am ready to post. Three weeks of pent-up posts, what a frustrating thing.

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you might try this?

you are signing in as Safety Lady 2 (with spaces)

but your old posts have you as SafetyLady (no space)?

could that be it? I know that it makes a differance on some places?


Good Luck and glad to see you are back with us one way or another.


Michael of A/H

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...the webmaster mail usually comes to me but I haven't seen anything and I was just in there last night weeding through everything. I'll go look in my *spam* area to see if yahoo is throwing it over there and get that fixed if that is the case.


I'm going to go send you an email right now under the email addy you have listed for Safetylady and offer a few suggestions...Cavey is awesome getting people up and running so we'll see if we can help fix this problem for you.


Ok, I just emailed you so let me know if you don't get it.

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