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This may be it,, North Korea set off six missiles today,,, the president is playing it down,saying that right now there will be no military action for these missiles being set off.. But what guarantee do we have that when we get up in the morning, we will not be in a full fledged war with NK,, over this,, who knows the 7th or the 8th missile may be the real mccoy and not a fake or a dud...I am getting up bright and early in the morning and hitting some serious sales and doing some major preps...please stay tuned to CNN and Fox news channel they are running constant breaking news on this situation.....

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Cant find much news on this. I dont have cable. One one story I read was they are planning to shoot more off.

Has anyone heard anything more on this seems like it

never happend!!!!!! only this Thread is only one I could find!!!! Any new news would be most weekend!!!

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yes they have at least 3 more ready for launch possibly more, they said that they are short- medium range and possibly another long range missile.. check out cnn.com or foxnews.com and also there is another website that has alot of good information on all that is going on. I am not a member of this site, but do lurk daily to check out things.. it is Timebomb2000.com...

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