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I have trouble makeing friends.... Finding like minded people is really tough for me. What I mean by Friends are

Guys my own age that share my values I only have one friend right know and he is a

guy who if it ever even went to the point where he could not

get his fast food he would roll over and die!!! Hes a good guy otherwise. My wife??? ummmm lets just say we are working on some issues and she thinks I am wasting money on this stuff.< how cooking at home over eating out is wasting money I will never know.> I am also coming to belive that if the poo does the cha cha cha. Then I am gonna need friend that know what I dont...... sad to say wood and woodcrafting is my weak weak weak points so is my greenthumb. would help this broken down tanker get up and running again!!!!!!!

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Locally I do n't have any friends of this mindset. I have one friend who has a huge pantry full of food, but is'nt really mentally prepared for the likelyhood of the cha cha cha (LOL). She's just a smart shopper. She doesn't have practical things like water, kwim? My mom preps cause my dad always did, but she doesn't want to hear about any possible "bad things". So I understand where you are coming from.


I haven't found any men's groups that aren't mostly kill kill kill either. I was looking for DH. I found one for "only serious preppers, those that have spent $10,000 or more fortifying themselves etc etc" but I didn't join that one. Seemed like a lot of manly ummm bull excrement. Not that men shouldn't be manly together, but it seemed like they'd lost sight of WHY they were prepping, and I feel that discussions about that are just as important as the other stuff. They were prepping cause it was manly and cool.


So, yeah, I completely understand where you're coming from. Maybe when we move servers we can talk to Cavey about setting up some kind of men's forum...I dunno, that is a lot of work, and I have NO IDEA how to go about doing it. We used to have a section here, I think, but it was pretty slow...maybe something can be done....wheels moving in the brain.


Mommy of Six

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find the homesteaders in your area- they are there, just mostly too busy to sit on the 'puter (I know MY homestead suffers for it, but the weeds and dustbunnies are thankful). Go to the farmer's market and chat up the organic farmers. Google 'organic farms/(your state)' and call them up. These folks will be putting up food for the winter even if they don't believe in the whole ITSHTF theory- in THEIR world, if they don't stock enough food, it WILL hit the fan for them personally.


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I don't have any local friends that prep either. To be honest, I don't have any friends outside of family. I know plenty of people but there's a difference between that and a friend. And as far as I know, none of my family prep. If they do, they've never mentioned it. The only ones I've ever mentioned it to are my children, and they think I'm on the weird side. To be fair, they've always thought that about anything I do! They are smart kids and admit something could very well happen, but apparently they are too busy, tight, whatever to prep.


I agree with you 100% about the other survival forums. I've been reading them to get new ideas, but I would never join one of the others. I've found a few good ideas, but it's mostly about how much ammo and guns they can collect. I think some of them have enough to fend off the entire country for twenty years! There's a lot of chest thumping, "my gun is bigger than your gun", and "I have more ammo than you" type of thing. I know they must also have other items stored (at least I hope so!), but all they want to talk about are guns. It's like they can't wait for something to fall apart so they can shoot someone. I know that storing ammo and guns is a part of prepping, a neccessary part. But that's not all there is to it, or all we need to talk about.


And I can't believe how much agruing and fighting goes on in these forums. People can't have a place to discuss politics and religion on these forums, because it is a sure way to start an agrument. I feel very strongly about both, as most people do. And I guess if nice people like we have here agree to disagree on these matters, they might could discuss it, but I would hate to see any fighting between members here. There are other places to do that.


I was reading a thread the other night on another survival forum between a Clinton hater and a Bush hater. It got so heated that there were threats of a lawsuit! Insults being slung right and left, pun intented!


Mrs S is a very special place, with very special people. I thank God I found it. I know we don't all agree on politics or religion, but we are smart enough to state what we believe if the occasion calls for it and let it lay. Or smart enough not to "go there" in the first place. I can be friends with anyone, no matter how they believe.


So, I guess we all have to consider the friends we've made here on this board as our real friends. I think we are. We just do not live in the same town.


My husband doesn't know what all I'm buying for preps. He would also think it was a waste of money. He does know I'm buying, just not how much. He does agree that something can very well happen. It's not that hard to do with me because I've always had charge of all the money for 33 years. He doesn't want the job, or to share in it. I know if something happens he'll be glad I did it! Maybe your wife thinks you are trying to put more work on her by wanting to cook more from scratch? Or that you are trying to tell her what to do? I'm an independent and stubborn woman, and if I think hubby is trying to tell me what to do I hit the roof. Instant fight. Try to gently get her more involved and assure her you are not trying to put more work on her, and that you will help if it's possible.


As far as skills in all areas, I don't think any of us has all that covered. We just have to research and do our best.


Mommyofsix, I think it would be a great idea to have a mens section here. Even if it was slow, the men on here need their own, in addition to the rest of it. I know if I belonged to a mostly male board, I'd feel outnumbered by the men and would want a womens section.


Sorry for the book report!


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I think most of us have a hard time finding like minded people in our real lives to share our concerns and progress. Even here at MrsSurvival, we have varying levels of prep-minded people. Some of us are hard core, some of us are very serious, and unfortunately, some really don't quite understand YET, all that goes into not only being prepared if things get bad, but a more self sufficient lifestyle in general.


I don't know anyone, whether friend or family here in real life, that preps on the level I do, and that is fine. God has blessed me with a few people on the net who take it to the level I do, and that is enough for now. We all need each other and no matter how far we've come in our education in this area, there's ALWAYS something new to learn.


Although I'm obviously a woman, I grew up with 3 brothers (no sisters) and have 2 sons, so I have a pretty good grasp on how males think differently than women. That is mostly a good thing because it helps create a balance. Anyway, I think the areas that you're talking about are a combination of naturally weak areas for men, and areas that some men have a natural knack for (woodworking, firearms, etc)...women compliment that in a man (or should, or usta, or can). Without getting too deep into this, I think that you're light years ahead of the average man and that will do your family proud.


We all need someone or someones to forge those trails along side us. Unfortunately sometimes we hafta go it alone. Sometimes we have others to stand along side us, sometimes we start off alone and others will eventually follow and sometimes we walk that journey alone (well never alone with me cause I always have the Lord).


I know you want practical answers and you wanna find someone that you can bounce ideas off of...I'm sure you'd love to have a mentor, but mentors come in many different shapes and sizes. Maybe for now, you may not have another man standing next to you whose heart is burdened like yours...but you do have us, and it's our honor and pleasure to teach you the things we've learned. The Daniel Boone's and Lewis' and Clarks did it alone, so while you are learning the things that us women can teach you, you in turn can also teach us things (I hope I'm making sense).


There are no guarantees that we will have help...who knows, we might find ourselves alone. It is that much more imperative that we learn all we can, whether we end up using it or not.


I know I'm not giving you the ideas and answers you want, but this is how I think and operate. I have no answers on how to find someone just like you, just like I don't know how to find someone just like me that lives nearby. I have just learned how to go it alone, and along the way there have been some incredibly special people who have shared unselfishly of their knowledge, allowing me to go further with what I know.


I have no problem making a mens area, even a private mens area, my concern is that for now, there aren't enough males to bounce ideas off there. Maybe we will be blessed with more men in the future.


I dunno what else to say except you are doing awesome and the right people, at the right time, will come into your life to help you to grow in those areas that you desire. I just don't think any of us can tell you how or when that will happen. In the meantime, we value you here and we're grateful that you find the things that are important to us, important to you too.

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I know my DH has a REALLY hard time making friends, somehow once we had kids it was like he forgot how Since we have moved here 3 yrs ago he has not made 1 friend. He goes to social events from the people he works with, but that is it.


I have several RL friends, but none of them prep, and actually only a few even live in the same state as me! I have more online friends than RL friends, many of them here. I think in RL it is very hard to find like minded people who live close enough to you. We are I think around 1 in 1000 who prep. I would suggest finding a group like the local Red Cross Chapter's First Aid Classes, The local gun range, hunters, fishermen - outdoorsy types. Maybe join 4 H with the kids. Get to know others in your community with skills. They might not prep, but you would make friends that had common interests.



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This is quite an interesting thread. Fortunately I have made a friend here who is a prepper. Last week I was at her home and she asked if I'd like to see her storage and she also showed her 72 hour kits, etc. We talked for over an hour about prepping, why we do, what keeps others from not doing it, etc. It was such a relief to know someone in real life understands and we can share ideas. She is going to help me with canning dry foods in #10 cans, like beans, rice, etc. She is also in charge of her church's emergency preparedness and food storage classes at the moment (LDS) & all members of the community are welcome to join them for the lessons. I told her about MrsS and hope she can get on and visit with us and share her experiences too.


I don't think DH has met anyone (men) who is on the same wave length as far as prepping food & medical supplies but most are into the guns and ammo thing, of course we do live in a big hunting area so that makes sense.


Dadofthree - check out www.survivalblog.com The gentleman there has lots of great articles, written by himself and readers of his blog, on multiple topics and with links to other sites that men would enjoy that aren't just about guns and ammo. Hope this helps you some! Will say a prayer that you can find a mentor too!

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I know one other prepper in real life, but he is not prepping to the extent that I do, but it's nice to know he's around and he has some carpentry and electrical skills that I lack (He's dating my daughter, so there's still hope for him yet.) He didn't realize how much I stock until he offered to bring some shelves for the basement when I said that I needed them...they're already full and I'm looking for room to put some more up. His church (not LDS)is a prepping church, so that's how he got into it.


In a way, I'm not worried about having or letting others around me know that I prep, I want to be able to select those that I offer to share my supplies with, not have to fight to keep what I have. My best friend of 40+ years is not a prepper, but she knows that I am and she knows that she is welcome to my home when the SHTF. Another friend that I have just made, about three years ago, has a little girl that we were babysitting, so she has seen my preps too and knows that I would help her and her daughter too. She is struggling to make ends meet, but she is starting to prep with the use 1 buy 2 method.


Before I found Mrs S. I belonged to and still do belong to Survival Forum. There is a whole section on guns and politics, but these guys know how to buy food, make fire; all the things that I was interested in. I was one of only 2 or 3 ladies in that forum...there are more there now, but I find their different outlook on things really balances mine.


It basically boils down to you do what you have to do to take care of your family, wether or not I have friends that support me doesn't matter, I have to do this!!! Most of my family (farmers and gardeners that can and all that), think I'm crazy for having BOBs and plans A, B, and C. They too don't like to think of anything bad happening so they refuse to see the possibilities.


Hang in there DO3, you are doing the right thing and I will be praying for you and for you to "find" some friends with which to share your interests.


P.S. Didn't Lewis & Clark have Pochanas??? Maybe that's what we can be for you.

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