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Amy Dacyczyn has written 3 Tightwad Gazette books. They are also available combined into one edition. They are loaded with ideas for saving money. I admit some of the ideas may be a little "too far fetched" for most of us, but there are thousands of useful tips in the 3 books. I think it is well worth buying this book. If you can't quite swing it you can always check it out from the library. It also makes a wonderful gift for friends who may need ideas to save money.

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I got my Tightwad Gazette at Sam's Club for $10.00---it's the 3 books combined and was WELL worth the 10.00! I have used it over and over for recipes and ideas.


ITA that it's a great book to have. It has it's honored place in the cupboard I am in every day....within fingertip reach LOL!!!


Love that book!!!!


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