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My posts have survived, listed as posted by Gardenmom. How did I get so lucky.

Cat I have seen the pin this post to the top, it is on the page as a selection along with preview my post at the bottom, when a mod makes a new post.

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who ever got my PM's, please add your name, ph # and address, and pass it on... sooner or later I will get it back and look at all the thanks yous I will get to send out!

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*MM peers around the corner, her eyes wide and panicked. She steps up to the microphone*

Well. Ahem.

When Darlene asked me if I could help, I said, "sure!"

I hope she's learned her lesson.

Anybody know phpMyAdmin?

Oh, MM...every time I read this particular post, I just howl with laughter..........

Oh, if y'all only coulda heard the real conversations we've had...the times when MM would sound like she was about to have a heart attack to which I would just burst out laughing, and then she'd start to laugh, or the times she sounded near tears and I would just crack up cause this whole experience is BEYOND believeable...

Imagine for just one moment, being in her shoes. Feeling the responsibility of all the members who are waiting for the site to be back up...knowing that they have expectations, and yet knowing that everything is falling apart. Feeling responsible for everything, even though none of it is her fault.

I've known MM for alot of years and in some ways, better than most. Y'all have given her the biggest gift she could ever receive by supporting her through this with your wit and humor and cheers.

I'm so proud of y'all.
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OK, well I can say that I've been there, I totally understand, and the ONLY thing that gets you there is humor. Cause sometimes all you wanna do is cry!!


MM, we so love and appreciate all your work. You are doing an awesome job! This has got to be stressful for you, so lots of hugs!


Mommy of Six/rockncook

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I've lost it!


I've lost all my Pm's


I've lost my mod job in 2 forums (Spa and Where the Heart Is)


Aaaand most importantly I've lost my mind..my old posts are HOMESTEADER! I am not a cheesehead!


Now if MM could just arrange for me to lose weight everything would be perfect!

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I came in this morning, and thought I was losing what is left of my mind... (Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most).. I don't know if there is really a member named baran1 or not, but my posts are now listed as having been posted by baran1

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I'm *supposed* to be working right now, but I'm still sitting here reading. I tell ya, I've laughed until my stomach is hurting! My cats have come in here to see what has happened to the crazy lady holding her belly and making weird noises! I can't take anymore!



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Lucccccccccyyyyyy! You got some splainin' to do in the kitchen!

Ohhhh Rickyyyy! Wahhhhhhh!


Or better yet, follow me, Ricardo...

to the kitchen and luxuriate in the rich, Corinthian leather dinette seats...

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Or better yet, follow me, Ricardo...
to the kitchen and luxuriate in the rich, Corinthian leather dinette seats...

Those wouldn't happen to be RED rich, Corinthian leather dinette seats, were they?

I know they were on backorder.

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Dee was me? No wonder Darlene was tickled to see me...or one of me. Hey, when the blizzard season starts, Dee may want to be me down here. LOL

Okay fine, I'm changing my name to Dee, moving to the midwest and take up gardening and canning (Can I grow guava there?).


Signed CookiesJar's evil twin...Breadbox

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What's going on? Can't a woman go in for a little surgery and come home without finding out everything is falling apart everywhere? At first I thought I had been hacked, but with new sign-in name and password, I find it's not just me.

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