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I know the "bug" is long gone, but in this area it would be a Predacious Ground Beetle. Not aggressive if left alone, and a good predator for damaging insects in the garden and lawn. Just FYI (Finally, and answer I know!)

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Server has been slow since I got back-a huge part of that could be my computer, it's aging, and the power supply we got isn't nearly as umm powerful as our old one.


But today, multiple times, I got this error message..


We cannot proceed.

Script: /home/content/d/k/e/dkelley16/html/ubbthreads/ubbt.inc.php

Line#: 1608

SQL Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

SQL Error #: 2013

Query: SELECT U_FrontPage, U_Groups, U_TimeOffset,U_Display,U_Favorites,U_WhichForums,U_Categories,U_TimeFormat,U_Las

tOn,U_Username,U_Password,U_SessionId, U_StyleSheet, U_Status, U_Privates, U_FrontPage, U_Number, U_Banned,U_LastOn,U_OC_Userid FROM w3t_Users WHERE U_Number = '364'


Please use your back button to return to the previous page.





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