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When I first heard about Y2K, I just about went crazy! I have such an overactive imagination that I went straight from possibility to major disaster in about 15 minutes.


I've always maintained a well stocked pantry but, the unknown variables pushed me over the edge. I made a lot of panic decisions, which is so foreign to me, it scared me. I bought things I wouldn't normally buy, and in quantites we could never utilize, and I ended up giving a lot of things to a local shelter in the spring of 2000.


Unfortunately, I even had things go bad on me, before we got to use them. This is not frugal or prudent, and can cause more problems than it can avert. Here are a few things I learned, that have taught me to view my purchases and my storage quite differently.


One mistake that I made was to buy too many tomato products that were commercially canned. Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes ad tomato paste don't last for more than a couple of years, so it's better to buy tomato powder. I did get several #10 cans but the panic caused me to buy way more than I could use in the small cans and I ended up throwing a lot of it away. Fortunately, my #10 cans are still good.


I ran 2 dehydrators day and night and dried a ton of fruits and vegetables, only to find I either a) had way too much, or B) I had over dried them and it was tough to re-hydrate. Again, I threw away a bunch of stuff.


I also bought far too many cans of fruit, and some of them got a little 'puffy', and had to be discarded.


Why in the world did I buy jack mackeral? I don't even like it! I should have stuck with salmon.


I can make awesome jams and fruit butters, but jelly making is just not my forte. I still have a couple of dozen jars of failed strawberry... what the heck is it, anyway?

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Super post, Nana. I read myself in every word, except the chocolate. I'm allergic to that and my DH likes it but would have no trouble doing without it. Everything else you brought up is right on.


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Good thoughts, Nana.


Well, it's almost 8 years later and I just finished the Tone's vanilla dated '99 the other day. I've read that dried herbs are not supposed to last long, but I'm still using some and getting some great flavor in my soups. All I can say is that God is good! but I added some of Phatkat's special salt and made it palatable in a pinch.


I read someplace that if you store crackers in a tin they'll last longer, but I've not tried it yet - so can't vouch for it. Anyone here done it?











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I know birds aren't peoples favorite topic right now, but as a poultry raiser... if you have stuff like manwich that you're throwing out and you know folks with chickens, guineas, etc... they'll eat ANYTHING. I'd take it! Our chickens love chili, spaghetti, hotdogs. It's remarkable.


And... my eggs just taste like eggs

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how sad... you feed chili to the chickens and their eggs still tasted like eggs? oh man-o-man! for a moment I thought you were gonna tell me you cracked the eggs open and cooked them and wella! chili omlettes! all they needed was cheese.


So all ya got was eggs .. oh.



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If you dry something too much, you can always grind it and add it with flour (just a little) or add it to creamed soups (like ground broccolli in broccolli & cheese soup).


Jams that didn't jell can be used as ice cream (as well as the pancake)toppings or to flavor milk or yogurt too.


I hate to throw away anything. If I find that I have bought something that we don't like, I donate it to the local rescue mission right away so they can use it.


If I have frozen meat that is getting old, I either can it, cook & refreeze it (for our dogs to eat) or donate it to the zoo for the animals to eat.


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Before y2k I started reading a forum that advocated restraint and buying just what you would eat/use in an emergency. Somehow I managed not to lose too much, but only because someone wiser gave the advice otherwise we'd still have stuff we didn't use. Not saying I darn near paniced or anything ! Dh and I were very poor and frugal when we were younger luckily so we have that experience to draw from. What happened for me though, was not having enough of a few things that we luckily didn't need.

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Hey all I am running a co-op http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Green_Goddess_Co-ops For organic food storage items, freeze dried fruits and vegis, homeopathics, and supplements. Its a non-profit type co-op. I am trying to get enough people who are interested in buying together so we can meet the minimum purchase requirements for wholesale pricing. So if your interested please join up. Thanks!

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I entered in on this for the cheese and butter, 1 case of each and the cost including shipping is 183.63. I got a confirmation back quickly, and am very pleased with this so far. I am so glad this was shared here.

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If you are into making up your own buckets and live in their delivery route azurestandard.com is a great place to get bulk amounts of grain and beans. I have to order $400 worth to get it delivered free to my house. You are required to order only one week ahead of your delivery route time and need to register as a drop off place. Several persons can chip in on the order if they each order $40 or more to equill the $400.

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I received my cheese and butter today!! I ordered 10-19-06. I am impressed!! The cost comes to 3.06 per can including shipping. I am going to try some tonite, and will probably order another case of each!

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