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I just did a search in google and here are a couple I came up with. smile


This is a message board.




This you have to register to look at:




This is ebay buying group, I think. smile




The Food Marketing and Distribution Sector in Canada (1999)




I hope some of these help. smileHAVEANICEDAYSUN.gif


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I have tried to Bega cheese and it is great!! With a 10% discount using the code warrifles a case of bega cheese 36 cans and a case of butter 24 cans came out to 172.34 including shipping. I ordered another case today, I loved the cheese!!!

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Email from MRE depot, cheese and butter prices going up.


Hi All;


Unfortunately, I don't have my usual good news or new product announcements this time, sorry. I promised many of you personally that I would keep you informed in advance of any drastic changes - and I'm afraid to say that this is the first time I've had to share some not-so-good news.


For the first time in our history with the Red feather Canned Butter from New Zealand and Red Feather Canned Cheese from Australia we are going to have to raise our prices. The world dairy market has been hit hard over the last 6 months, and supply is tightening because of it. Plus, the rising cost of fuel and the weakening US dollar have made importing from New Zealand and Australia much more costly.


We have absorbed 3 separate price increases since June of this year without passing the cost on to you - in fact, our prices have come down, largely because of the fact that our volume has increased so dramatically. But this most recent container, which was delivered to us last Monday, had a cost increase of more than $14 per case. That means we have seen a rise on our wholesale/import cost of more than $20 per case on both the butter and the cheese since we first began our exclusive agreement to bring both of these fine products to you.


Rather than let you notice the price increase after the fact and force you to pay more without any warning, we feel it is only fair that we give those of you that have stuck with us over the years a chance to purchase at the old pricing for a while longer.


Monday morning (10/15), we will be forced to increase our price on the butter and on the cheese by $10 per case. If you have been putting off stocking up on any more butter and cheese, you will want to act quickly to make sure you purchase what you need at the old pricing before Monday.


Please accept our apologies in advance for having to raise our prices for the first time in my recent memory, but thank you in advance for your understanding of the situations that are beyond our control. I assume you are seeing the same thing at the grocery store that my wife and I see here - unfortunately I think rising food costs will be a fact of life for a while.


Warmest Regards,




end of quote


They have a 15% discount too, if you order with the code.

I have been very pleased with their service and products, I think I'm going to get another case of each.

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Emergency Essentials has free shipping until 10-31-07 on orders over 100.00 I was able to get the super pails of wheat for less than 40.00 per pail, not bad. I went ahead and got a few more things I've been wanting, with the free shippings, comes out pretty good.



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Originally Posted By: veggiecanner
If you are into making up your own buckets and live in their delivery route azurestandard.com is a great place to get bulk amounts of grain and beans. I have to order $400 worth to get it delivered free to my house. You are required to order only one week ahead of your delivery route time and need to register as a drop off place. Several persons can chip in on the order if they each order $40 or more to equill the $400.

Being a newbie, my apologies if I 'bump' any topic back into circulation! smile This one was for Azure Standard Farms They are located in Oregon and have a huge farm! They've changed their minimum ordering - rising it to $50 and the bulk ordering to $550. Understandable with the cost of gas and the economy these days.

One thing to check is within your area to see if they have a group that orders. In my small Central Oregon town we actually have 2 groups. We order within our group and it applies to the total bulk amount needed of $550 - and then this is freighted to us once-a-month. It's an extremely good deal considering what shipping costs could be on heavier items (like laundry soap).

Anyway - just another plug for Azure! wink And to mention to check your area for a group that may order from them. laugh
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Welcome CoffeeZilla!


I, too, order from Azure Standard. the $550 minimum is new Summer, 2008.


In addition to grains and beans, I order organic meats, organic cheese, miscellaneous canned and frozen items, non-GMO canola oil (much cheaper than organic olive oil)... and much, much more.

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