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Wet Wednesday


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Good morning


Pixie: Sounds like you have good plans for your future. Morrigan sounds so cute.


Snowmom: How is the kitty doing? Or how are you doing with the kitty?


I hope everyone is starting out with a good Wednesday.


Come tell us what you're up to. I've got coffee and blueberry crisp.

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Morning all. Yesterday DH repainted the trailer. Since the green we ended up with was bright, not light, and I guess a few years ago, some other lady did it that color (but brighter!) and the owners made her paint it over. So the manager was having a meeting with the owner, and asked him if he'd buy us new paint, since if it got left so bright, the other lady could sue the owners for making her change it. He also showed the owner the color swatch that it we were trying for and a picture of the trailer and how it actually turned out. So anyway, the owner agreed and we got 5 gallons of new, darker green paint. Once again, it looks much lighter on the whole thing that it shows on the swatch. Beth said it was the wrong color when she saw it and said they were going to make us change it. I said if they don't like it, it was their fault, they bought it and if it had to get changed AGAIN, they would have to buy even more paint, and pay DH for the time to repaint. Luckily it takes less than 2 hours to paint it, and it got done yesterday, it looks like it's close to rain today.


I have to list a bunch more stuff on eBay and paperbackswap, hopefully I can get the chance to do it today, it doesn't look promising, the kids are fiesty! today.


Snowmom, hope the kitty works out.

Peaceful, hope you get the house painting finished soon, I know how that goes!

Stephanie, I imagined Swiper the Fox when you said your 2 yo says OHHHHH MAAANNNNN!!!!!

I'd say congrats to Grubby, but I'm afraid if I did, it might be contagious, she already caught the virus from mo7! lol


Hope everyone has a great day.

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Well afternoon...


I started off good, was here this morning reading. I'm always afraid to do the first daily post here cause everytime I do someone is doing a simultaneous post and so then there's 2 LOL.


Got some stuff done then lost all my momentum. I'll be so glad to hit 13 weeks! I get so tired if I wake up too early, and I just can't seem to get to bed earlier.


I wish it was wet here, it's 90 today. And I have no clean shorts. Between mowing and spraying for bugs and spraying for weeds I haven't been able to hang laundry so I'm stuck LOL.


We did not get that van yesterday. It would need about $500 for repairs once we buy it. But we are going to go look at another one today I think. The guy at the car place "generously" offered to take the $500 off the total price if we'd double the down payment...which would eat up any money we had for repairs. I have never bought from a dealer before and that pretty much sums up why I haven't.


OK, I gotta get dinner started. Today was Dh's first day back at work in a week and he had to carry a route so he is going to be starving LOL.



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