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We use a horse as our livestock guardian. I've had him 11 years (he's 13), and he's never allowed a coyote or stray dog to nab a lamb or kid. He will run down coyotes and dogs who enter the pasture, attacking them if they are not smart enough to run. But he's the only horse I've ever owned who will guard - I believe it is because he is a "proud cut" gelding (has stallion characteristics), and he has always viewed the sheep and goats under his care as HIS herd to be protected. So, I would not tell other people that they should get a horse to protect smaller livestock. Also, if I lived where there are lions or bears, I doubt he'd be so effective.


A dear friend had great luck with an anatolian livestock guardian dog, until he died at a young age from a severe seizure. Prior to his illness he kept the herd safe from a very active coyote population. She is getting more of the dogs for her homestead. They are big, beautiful, and very intimidating.

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reading this... we got a new pyr pup yesterday... 8wks old.


her parents were goat guardians, she was born and raised in the barn with all the goats, but I think if she had stayed here, she would have bonded to all the weenie dogs{/quote]


What my dh is hoping is she will be our *family/small goat yard* dog....


We are.... picking up 2 more pups Tuesday I think from someone else.


Advice welcome... kick gently.



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Westie or anyone else......Is there a book that you would recommend on trainging the Pyrs? We are planning on getting a puppy (it is still in the "oven", due any day)....and I want to try to do everything I possibly can to train it correctly. We live in the country and it will be for protecting my chickens and milk cow....oh yea and me. Bye the way, I read this post and the info is great. So I guess another question is, do I need more info or not? Just want to give it the best life I can. Thanks in advance for your opinion(s).



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