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If you plan on waiting till the last minute to prepare,


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You might wanna think again.


Last week, as we were threatened with a hurricane, I drove around checking things out. It felt so good to not need anything because I have already planned well in advance for interruptions such as this. I really didn't have much to do, so I went down to my local grocery store to check out what the last minute shoppers were doing as they tried to prepare for the hurricane...


I took some pictures, just to give you an idea. Now bear in mind, this was early into the announced potential emergency, so in reality it is really much worse when that emergency is a real and viable threat.


People thought I was nuts taking my camera and shooting pictures and one lady at the grocery store had words with me *rolling eyes* but as they say, a picture says a thousand words.


Here is a line of cars backed up about 1/4 of a mile, waiting in line to get gas.


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I posted these pictures to just give you an idea of how at the beginning of any emergency, things fly off the shelves and there is very little to go around when you have EVERYone waiting to the last minute to stock up. Ernesto ended up being a non-event thank goodness but if things had turned out differently, the abundance you still see on the shelves would have been totally stripped away.


I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared AHEAD of time. You may not have hurricanes in your area, but unfortunately there are too many disasters that could hit any one of us at any given time.


Taking the time to do NOW what you may want to put off till later will afford you the security of being able to walk around like I did, not needing a thing and watching others trying to scarf up limited supplies.


Just something to think about.



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The long lines and stripped shelves remind me of how some stores look around here right after people get paid and there is a big sale! I don't think the stores here keep a very large stock of most items on hand instead they function on JIT (just in time) deliveries which are not adequate when the demand is high. Heaven help those who don't prep if TSHTF!

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