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One man's experience in Urban Survival (long)

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thank you for bumping this.  i have as much of ferfal's writing as i can find but it is becoming more and more timely.  

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Darlene that is a great post.  It says a lot.  Though  civil war or worse is what I was preparing for, I never thought it would be a pandemic.  Though this could lead to a civil war if we don't get things turned around soon.  I still can't shake that feeling that something is in the wind. Our governors, and congress are busy doing something we are not going to like.  I already know what our governor is doing behind our backs or so he thinks.  We here in VA have our ways of knowing what our gov. is up to and it is not good. 


I think that when this pandemic is over and everyone is hopefully back to work, not to let our guard down.  For one there could be a second wave of this and China is lying about things.  Would not surprise me if a war is not on the horizon at some point in time. 

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