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Recall: Lettuce


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It makes you wonder what the heck is going on...it appears that our produce is being tampered with.


Lettuce Recall


Lettuce recalled over E. coli concerns By RACHEL KONRAD, Associated Press Writer

41 minutes ago




Less than a week after the Food and Drug Administration lifted its warning on fresh spinach grown in California's Salinas Valley, a popular brand of lettuce grown there was recalled Sunday over concerns about E. coli contamination.


The lettuce does not appear to have caused any illnesses, the president of Salinas-based Nunes Co. Inc. said.


The lettuce scare comes amid other federal warnings that some brands of spinach, bottled carrot juice and recent shipments of beef could cause grave health risks — including paralysis, respiratory failure and death.


Executives ordered the recall after learning that irrigation water may have been contaminated with E. coli, said Tom Nunes Jr., president of the company.


So far, company investigators have not found E. coli bacteria in the lettuce itself, Nunes stressed.


"We're just reacting to a water test only. We know there's generic E. coli on it, but we're not sure what that means," he said. "We're being extra careful. This is precautionary."


The recall covers green leaf lettuce purchased in grocery stores Oct. 3-6 in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. It was also sold to distributors in those states who may have sold it to restaurants or institutions.


The recalled lettuce was packaged as "Green Leaf 24 Count, waxed carton," and "Green Leaf 18 Count, cellophane sleeve, returnable carton." Packaging is stamped with lot code 6SL0024.


FDA spokeswoman Julie Zawisza said the agency is aware of the voluntary recall but had no details.


"As a standard course of action, we would expect the firm to identify the source of the contamination and take steps to ... ensure that it doesn't happen again," Zawisza wrote in an e-mail.


It's unlikely that the bacteria in the lettuce fields share the source of the E. coli found in spinach that has sickened nearly 200 people and has been linked to three deaths nationwide, Nunes said.


Pathogenic Escherichia coli bacteria, or E. coli, can proliferate in uncooked produce, raw milk, unpasteurized juice, contaminated water and meat. When consumed, it may cause diarrhea and bloody stools.


Although most healthy adults recover within a week without long-term side effects, some people may develop a form of kidney failure.


That illness is most likely to occur in young children, senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems. In extreme cases, it can lead to kidney damage or death.


The recall at Nunes Co., a family-owned business with more than 20,000 acres of cropland in Arizona and California, comes days after federal agents searched two Salinas Valley produce companies connected to the nationwide spinach scare.


Epidemiologists also warned consumers last week to stay away from some bottled carrot juice after a Florida woman was paralyzed and three people in Georgia experienced respiratory failure, apparently due to botulism poisoning.


Also on Friday, an Iowa company announced that it was recalling 5,200 pounds of ground beef suspected of having E. coli. The government said no illnesses have been reported from consumption of the beef.


The outbreaks have sparked demands to create a new federal agency in charge of food safety. Sens. Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton, both New York Democrats, are sponsoring legislation authored by Sen. Richard Durbin (news, bio, voting record), D-Ill., to create the unified Food Safety Agency.


"This recent outbreak must be a wake-up call to get our food safety house in order, because right now it's in pure disarray," Schumer said at his Manhattan office. "We need to have one agency take charge to ensure the next outbreak isn't far worse."


The outbreaks have also devastated the economy of Salinas Valley, the self-proclaimed "Salad Bowl to the World."


Farmers in the area, about 100 miles south of San Francisco, began plowing spinach crops under and laying off workers last month, as government inspectors examined fields and packing houses for the source of the deadly outbreak.


Nunes said he upgraded safety inspection protocols in wake of the spinach scare.


"There's a high level of urgency in our industry, and we're being very proactive," Nunes said. "It's obviously based upon recent events in the produce industry and concern for customers. We just don't want anything to happen."



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It makes you wonder what the heck is going on...it appears that our produce is being tampered with.

The lettuce pickers are illegal aliens with only a vague familiarity with toilet paper or it's application.

The majority of people on earth, use their hand.

It's not a bad idea to remember this at your favorite upscale ristorante, where these same guys are back in the kitchen preparing the $10 hand-tossed salad.
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this is one of my favorite subjects!!!!



so how many of you... now listen closely...


how many of you order sandwiches, burgers, fries, onion rings, toast including english muffins, bisquits or any other foods you eat with your hands.


ah! I see all of you raised your hands!!!


How many of you use the toilet seat covers and wash your hands after using the restroom?


I see all of you with your hands raised (I have a whole conversation about this subject reserved for a later coversation).


and now for the final question....


how many of you wash your hands after touching the menu?


hummmmm no one with hands raised!


so you touch this fiflthy menu that everyone touched, heaven knows where their hands have been and you order foods that have to be picked up with your hands and eaten!


that is just down right gross!

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and the rag that wiped your table has wiped down all the other tables, seats, chairs and lord knows what else!


and you take your napkin and place it in your lap leaving your silverware on that table!


love this subject

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The lettuce and spinach contamination probably came from the irrigation water. Much of our surface water is contaminated.


As for the restaurant, we usually go to the restroom after ordering and wash our hands. Silverware goes on the plate. Purses (another nasty topic) are always hung up or carried in the RR and never set on the table.

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Sorry, but I'm not that paranoid. I've traveled in Mexico to some pretty interesting research locations, been bitten by some interesting bugs, eaten in some questionable places, and so far, I've survived quite nicely. If people were really that fragile, we'd have died out long ago.


If you worry about stepping on 'genetic' material in hotels, wear some flip flops. I always use a pair as shower shoes when I use a shower that unknown others might have used to avoid fungal infections. I learned that one the hard way at a Boy Scout camp! If you worry about the sheets and blankets, bring sleeping bag. If you see any bed bugs, get your money back and sleep elsewhere.


(Hmmm... that could be why I like camping so much more than staying in hotels!)

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I carry a hand sanitizer in my purse. I use it after handling door knobs,shaking hands, using ATM machines, salt & pepper shakers and menus in restaurants etc. I also quit going to several places with non english speaking help, or if the waitress has fake nails with crud caked under them. That's why we don't eat out much.

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We're all going to be just like Monk!


I had not considered someone in our food and hospitality industry not using toilet paper!! OMG!!!


I do use hand sanitizers in public areas.


I wipe my phone off with disenfectant after co-workers use it.


Pass out tissues when some thoughtless co worker comes to work sick. Never thought to pass out toilet paper!


Think I'll rent some movies and just stay home.

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I personally find it interesting that our food supply is suddenly being compromised. With all the the threats the US faces from other cultures and countries it makes me wonder. Only time will tell.


I knew a Detective that told me some really shocking stories about stuff that is in hotel rooms.


I guess it's our own choice as to what we are willing to expose ourselves to. The food supply, in my NSHO is worth keeping an eye on.

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Man, first spinish and now the lettuce. It sure makes a person want to grow everything they eat.


For some reason, this makes one wonder what is going on for sure. Where is all of this coming from, who is doing this and why.


I had heard about the bed bug thing some time ago on the news. Here again, why is it now coming up, where did the bugs all of a sudden come from.


Sorry, but could it possibly be from those coming in who shouldn't be here???

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quote[could it possibly be from those coming in who shouldn't be here???]end quote


Although the migrant worker hypothesis seems possible...we should note that these workers have been around for years and years...


I have eaten salad all over the world without ill effects. Mexico too.


We are ALL just media for micro bugs. E. Coli is everywhere. I could take a culture from your shoe and find it. Personally, I have been culturing this bug in my microbiology class AND I happen to be growing lettuce. Yes I use aeseptic techniques but I'm sure you all can relate to the fact that E.coli can be found in just about every environment.


This makes me all the more suspicious that our food is being compromised. Accidents happen...yes. But it seems like a pretty sneaky way hurt a population of people, and create the fear factor in the rest.

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