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Encouragement: What are 5 things you love about homeschooling?

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I was thinking recently of how many people think homeschooling is a sacrifice for the mother and of course it is in some ways. Some even think it's a burden. But I've come to believe there are wonderful benefits for me personally as a result of homeschooling. I'd love hearing some of the blessings others here have observed in their own lives too. I'll list some I've noted and when I use "HS" it stands for homeschooling:


1. HS moms get to see many of their kid's "firsts" in reading, spelling, math and so forth.


2. HS moms get to learn things they did not learn back when they were in public school.


3. Evenings are less stressed since the kids get their school work done earlier in the day.


4. HS moms are spiritually challenged in a positive way since their kids see their example all day long.


5. HS moms feel a great sense of fulfillment knowing their kids are learning the things they want them to learn more hours of the day.


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1) Homeschooling means we can have outings when places aren't crowded with cranky parents and whiney kids. Zoos are awesome on week days!


2) Children are not vulnerable to peer pressure and the latest stupid fads. They are able to stand alone on their likes, dislikes and preferences and become leaders instead of followers. Makes life easier for Mom.


3) More family time, more time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.


4) Children naturally have friends of many ages and cultures. They are comfortable interracting with adults and learning from people who are different.


5) The kids don't miss school if they are late getting their chores done in the morning.

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All of the above--especially the close relationship we've been able to build with this child for whom we waited and prayed all those years--plus:


1) My daughter has learned real-life, hands-on, practical application of many skills, especially those pertaining to running a household.


2) She has had wonderful experiences during school hours, such as helping the mother of an autistic boy by playing with him while the mom got some time to do household chores or some much-needed rest, and taking daily after-lunch walks with an elderly diabetic neighbor whose doctor prescribed the walks but who didn't want to walk alone. If she had been in school, she wouldn't have been available for these experiences.


3) When an area of study captures my daughter's full attention, we can spend as much time on that topic as we like. We spent months one year playing "The Oregon Trail" game. Another year, she became fascinated by the story of the Titanic and life in that era of history, so she spent much more time reading about it than would have been allotted in a classroom setting.


4) This fits under Stephanie's "flexibility" topic, but it's important to us that we can plan our lessons & schedules around my husband's work schedule. We can take off when he takes vacation time, and can plan family outings for his days off each week, which we could not do if our daughter were in school.


5) My daughter has become an independent thinker, formed her own personal values, developed a strong sense of right and wrong, without the constant pressure of peers to conform to their ways. And this has not made her incapable of making right choices when faced with them in "the real world", due to lack of experience, as some feared would be the case; she knows what she believes and why, and she can stand up for those beliefs when the need arises.


All that, and she can do her lessons in her pajamas, too! Who wouldn't want that kind of education? 0167.gif

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My favorite things:


1. 7am cuddles in Mama's bed.


2. Pajama Day


3. Knowing where my children are and that they are safe.


4. Watching them learn to read - and knowing I did that.


5. Seeing them accept the Lord and learn more about Him.


Sorry, one more:

6. Letting my kids play outside for HOURS (weather-permitting).

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1) not having to force my night owl son into a daytime routine- he sleeps till about 10am (giving me time to do the chores and my computer work while getting my half pot of coffee in) and stays up with his dad till almost midnight (how many kids get to spend almost 6 hours a day with THEIR dads who work all day?)


2) not having to BE anywhere at a certain time five days a week- not being part of the stupid car-parade in front of the school for drop off/pick up


3) doing school where and when we want to and arrange what I teach the way I feel will be the best/easiest way for him to learn it and being able to switch it all around once HE gets ahold of it


4) having a boy who is learning to think, not learning to obey


5) spending every day with my precious boy, because with two others aged 20 and 25, I KNOW how fast he'll be gone

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1 Setting our own schedule (vacations, getting up, visiting relatives, going to the zoo or museum or library) (Their friends who attended school were jealous and even asked if they could home school with us!)

2 Watching them grow and discover new things

3 Knowing that they were not being subjected to 'peer pressure' (We had the house where all the neighborhood kids congregated)

4 Developing a deeper relationship with them because we not only had quality but quantity of time together

5 Having them tell me as adults that they were glad I home schooled them and that they are thinking of doing the same when they have children

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How about being able to raise your own child as you see fit and not how someone else thinks they should be?


I love cuddle time in Mama's bed..


She learns at her own pace and not 20 other childrens.


If she doesn't get it we go over it again until she does..


Playing games together like Farmopoly and thinking hey she's learning to count money...


Is that 5? Most important to me though is the time that she and I get to spend together...

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