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Kitchen explosion!


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As a newly wed, DW asked me to put the chip pan on the lighted stove. Dutiful new husband obliges, not realizing she keeps it on a plastic mat in the cupboard to avoid marking the shelf which of course stuck to the bottom of the pan and set fire to the stove as it melted. I've not been allowed back in the kitchen in 25 years. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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I've only done little things (plastic tongs on a burner) but my DH once came very close to setting the kitchen on fire...


We had only been married a few months and I was out one evening (umm...working? Not sure where I was!) when he decided to try making donuts. He had never done it before but that's never stopped him, so he pulled out one of my cookbooks. Now, there are two things you should know... we did NOT have a deep-fat fryer, and I had just made new curtains for the kitchen windows THAT DAY.


He used the smallest pan we owned at the time (he figured he was only making a few for himself, he shouldn't need a big pan), filled it with cooking oil, turned the burner on high... and left the kitchen. Sat down in the living room with a book.


A few minutes later, he said, he heard a "WHOOSH" sound from the kichen and immediately remembered the pot of oil... which of course was happily on fire now. So he grabbed the handle of the pot, took it over to the sink, and put his hand on the faucet. He was literally THAT CLOSE to dousing that pot with water (and you KNOW what that would have done!!!!) and remembered Oil fire= NO WATER. So he grabbed the nearest lid and clapped it on the pot.


However... the kitchen sink was directly under one of the windows... so before he covered the fire, the lace on those brand new curtains had melted.



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