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Survival archival book feedback?

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To add to that I remember when I was dating an engineer I was given some water resistant field books for note-taking. I found a site on waterproof paper that was also tear resistant:



So, tell me, are you making your hard copy like this? Or am I going overboard? (This idea cropped up for me from something 8th sinner wrote in "between these pages.")


Please tell me what you think and your doing!



From The Flamingo Pink Bunker

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Well I certainly don't think it's a it's a bad idea. I have allready started mine....heres two pics, main from the leather section....


It is not a complete book just yet but each time I need a new note book I print out more and more, this way I always have something.






And just so you know I use the program.

Quark express for the work, it's excellent.

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Yes it is stitched, and when using good leather the spine cannot even bend more than three mm with a fair deal of pressure.......I can squezze bathroom scales to 10lbs and an 8th.....so thats good spine strength.....

I feel it to be a much superior method of binding books, the fall back is that it doesn't automatically make it water proof.

Of course you can use water proof paper, or just store it in a suitably wrapped container......


And thanks for the compliment....

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Okay, check it out.

I found this site for water/weather proof paper goods plus water proof cameras, maps, notebooks, writing pens, etc. It has many styles of inkject,adventure and mapping paper and I think I can get ideas and costs to search all over the web.

I'm thinking account numbers, phone numbers, contact info, caching books. Plus pages for my survival book.



What do you think?

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I think for general use in what you describe go for it, and let us all know how it holds up.

I am not so sure it's as suitable for a survival book, it makes no mention of the weight per sheet, And IMO the amount of paper you can fit into a certain size is equally as important as the knowledge contained therein.


These guys offer bulk buying if you wanna get together with others and save money, also they can offer custom prints, or they used to, I have an email from them, it's not gonna be cheap to have my book printed but it will be worth it if it's ever needed......



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